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Badger Ordnance Update

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

We haven’t written about Badger Ordnance in quite some time so we have some news to fill you in on.

The spotting scope night vision integrator mount is starting to get a lot of traction and is currently in use by almost every Army Special Forces Group. It allows you to mount night vision equipment to the M151 spotting scope (Leupold Mk IV 12-40x60mm). You can also mount other Picatinny compatible devices such as laser designators. They are currently working on NSN assignment and these are also available through ADS Inc for agency and unit purchase.

Two more items that have been doing very well are the Left Hand and Universal Charging Handles. Military demand has increased on these and Australian SOF just purchased nearly 1000 of the Universal models.

These couple of items are by no means the depth and breadth of Badger Ordnance’s offerings. Check them out at badgerordnance.com

PCU Going Green?

Monday, May 26th, 2008

There has been much talk over the past few years about “green” technologies. To some this means recycled materials and to some it means renewable supplies. For Natick’s Program Manager for SOF Survivability Systems green technologies are a move from olefin-based materials to natural based fibers. The largest concern is that the natural materials provide similar durability and performance as the currently used petroleum-based ones. One technology that has shown promise is bamboo fibers treated with coconut oil. At the recent Soldier Systems APBI representatives from PM-SSS briefed that these new green technologies might find their way as early as FY09 into the Protective Combat Uniform program or another combat uniform. While it remains rumor, there has been a great deal of buzz over SOCOM developing a new camouflage pattern and that a solicitation for both a pattern and new combat uniform may come in FY09.