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Breaking News from US PALM – Introducing CB62

Friday, August 26th, 2011

US PALM has informed us that they will be introducing the CB62 camo pattern into a limited number of products in their line for contract orders only. As demand for this pattern rises once US manufactured uniforms are available from SOD USA, we expect US PALM’s offering to increase and be available for retail customers as well. At this point, US PALM is the only company offering nylon gear in this pattern.

The 3-piece kit they are producing for a national agency is the Desert Tracker plate carrier seen above, a ballistic battle belt and a hardened backpack. They have also developed a suite of accessory pouches. Samples will be at agencies that have already expressed interest by next week.

SOD USA is Coming

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Italian tactical clothing firm SOD Gear has licensed their designs to US-based Four Spears. We are huge fans of SOD Gear and welcome this new opportunity to purchase their products.

In 30 days, SOD USA will launch. They have developed a phased approach to introducing the line here in the US including FR options. With the exception of one material, the entire production will be Berry compliant and they are working to bring that fabric to the US as well. SOD USA is taking the next 30 days to identify interested resellers. Interested parties should contact directly.