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IWA 18 – Spuhr AB

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Spuhr is introducing a new line of optic mounts for the hunting market. They are a bit sleeker and have fewer features, like only one accessory mounting point. Consequently, they are less expensive as well. Look for AR15 models in the future.

They also have a new adapter to mount their V2 stock to an MP5.

Spuhr Announces Forge Tactical As Brand Ambassadors

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Löddeköpinge, Sweden And Alliance, OH

Spuhr i Dalby AB, the international defense industry’s leading professional grade optic and accessory mounting solutions manufacturer, announced today the retention of John Chapman and John Spears, of Forge Tactical LLC, as Brand Ambassadors and Product Development consultants.

“I am excited to work with Chappy and John Spears,” said Hakan Spuhr, Founder and Innovator at Spuhr i Dalby AB. “Their level of application and technical expertise, combined with their ability to communicate directly with our end-users, makes Forge Tactical a natural fit for Spuhr.”

John Chapman, Director and Instructor at Forge Tactical, said “John Spears and I are honored to be trusted as Spuhr’s ambassadors to the end user community. Spuhr’s legendary innovation, quality, and application-centered design philosophy align perfectly with the principals upon which we founded Forge; and as long-time users of Spuhr products, we have absolute confidence in their ruggedness, precision and suitability for our military, law enforcement, self-defense and recreational shooting clients.”

Sneak Peek – Spuhr G3 Stock

Sunday, December 27th, 2015


This is the new Spuhr G3 stock developed for a military contract that will be fulfilled in Spring 2016. Once that contract is underway, Spuhr will offer the stock commercially, beginning Fall 2016. Look for it at both SHOT Show amd IWA. LOP is from 12.7″ and that is approx 3″ shorter than the original stock. The Cheekpiece is interchangeble to different heights but is always at least 1″ higher than the original and made for the use of optical sights. That means current “too low” iron sights can’t be used. Finally, the G3 original buffer will be kept in the gun.

I Spy With My Little Eye – Spuhr

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

This is a photo of a Danish Soldier guarding the “Farewell to Terror” conference.

The LMT M203 is fitted with a Spuhr quadrant sight, adjustable from 50-350 meters. You may notice some other familiar kit as well.