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Introducing Terrain 365

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Adventure Tools for All Terrains • Rust-Proof Edged Tools and More


This Monday September 17, 2018 marks the official launch of Terrain 365™. A new brand specializing in the design and production of edged tools with a focus on utilizing their proprietary rust-proof super alloy known as Terravantium™. This super alloy belongs to the family of dendritic cobalts. Terravantium™ is a unique non-ferrous metal alloy which is impervious to rust in any natural environment. The other key component is the crystalline carbide which results in very long lasting edge holding properties requiring less touch ups over a longer period of usability. The Element Alpha-HD and Bravo-HD will be available on 17SEP18. Made in the USA.

The Element Alpha-HD and Bravo-HD will be offered in 4 colors of 550 paracord or 3mm ALSE type cord respectively. Color matched kydex sheaths are also included.





“Terrain 365 is the brainchild of Michael Vagnino (ABS Master Bladesmith) and Patrick Ma (of Prometheus Design Werx). Together they founded this new brand out of their mutual interests in outdoor knives – tools and research into unique alloys that performed in any natural environment without rusting, pitting and requiring far less to no maintenance. Any user who spends a great deal of time in the field can appreciate at the performance capabilities of the alloys being used in the Terrain 365 knives. While dendritic cobalt alloys such as their Terravantium™ are still somewhat of a rarity, both Michael and Patrick hope to introduce more and more users to this high performance material with their bladeware. From backpackers, overlanders, expedition members, divers, hunters, river runners, and for any avid outdoors person, the Terrain 365 line of goods will serve them well across all these uses-cases and environments. At least 2 other models are currently in development and more to follow.”

Terrain 365™ launches both these knives and website at 3:00pm Pacific Time, Sept 17, 2018.

OMNI EDC Knife On Kickstarter

Sunday, September 16th, 2018


The OMNI is a miniature EDC knife created by UK-based HRIBARCAIN, and currently up for funding on Kickstarter. The OMNI features a blade just over an inch in length, with an overall length of 3.75 inches extended, and roughly 2.5″ folded. The body is reported to be made of 7000 series aluminum, and the OMNI features a unique sprung pivot design, which locks the blade into place. The blade itself is made of Damascus-patterned steel, and is designed for heavy-duty use.

Benchmade – Aileron

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The Aileron was developed in conjunction with trainer Steve Tarani. Interestingly, it was designed to answer calls from Federal Flight Deck Officers for a knife.

This folder features a laser textured blade grip as well as thumb hole opener, reversible pocket clip, and G10 handles. The CPM-S30V Blade is offered in Satin finish or Black Cerakote.

BLADE LENGTH: 3.45″ [8.76cm]
BLADE THICKNESS: 0.120″ [3.048mm]
OPEN: 8.03″ [20.40cm]
CLOSED: 4.58″ [11.63cm]
WEIGHT: 4.24oz [120.20g]
HANDLE THICKNESS: 0.54″ [13.72mm]

Final Fifty ZEV-Winkler Knives Now Available  

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

For anyone that missed out on adding one of these spectacular ZEV-Winkler collaboration knives to their kit, now is your chance. ZEV Technologies teamed up with Winkler Knives to create a unique, custom limited-edition, personal defense knife suitable for everyday carry.


With a total of 100 produced, this second and final batch of 50 is sure to sell out

The 4-1/4” blade is made from 80CrV2 steel, coated in black oxide and features a sculpted G10 curved handle, for an overall length of 8-3/8”. Additionally, the blade features thumb index file work on top of the blade. The final detail is the Kydex sheath featuring a contrasting overlay in ZEV’s iconic red and black color scheme.


Knife Specifications:
• Blade steel: 80CrV2
• Black oxide no-glare finish
• Blade length: 4 1/4″
• Overall length: 8 3/8″
• Blade thickness: 3/16″
• Skeletonized, full tapered tang
• Thumb index file work


• Red and Black Kydex® featuring ZEV slashes
• Spring steel, belt clip that can be mounted on either side of the sheath in both vertical or horizontal positions

Winkler Knives – Tactical Cleaver

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

ABS Master Bladesmith designed the Tactical Cleaver for a SOF customer who wanted a longer cutting surface. He says it’s the most powerful chopper bag tool he’s ever used.

Blade Specifications
Blade steel: 80CrV2
Black oxide no-glare finish
Blade length: 7 1/2″
Blade width: 3 1/8″
Overall length: 13 1/8″
Blade thickness: 1/4″

Fast draw carrier
Un-Lined Kydex®
HD shockcord quick-release retention system
Nylon belt straps with Mil-Spec Pull-The-Dot™ snaps
Designed for belt or pack carry

SCUBAPRO Sunday- Knives

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Dive Knifes

The general maintenance of your dive knife is easy and will not be hard as long as you get into a good habit of always raising the knife and scabbard in fresh water properly.

Post Dive care

After diving, rinse the knife and sheath in fresh water. Wash the scabbard thoroughly to ensure no salty residue is left inside, remove the knife from the sheath and operate any moving parts while soaking. This helps remove sand and other debris that may have gotten inside. If not done properly when you put the knife back the remaining salt will cause the blade to rust. If the knife can be disassembled (usually by taking the handle off), take it apart and rinse the individual pieces in fresh water after every couple of dives or if you plan to store for a long time. This helps prevent salt buildup and corrosion from happening underneath the grip where you can’t see it. Dry all of the pieces thoroughly before putting the knife back together.

If you are done diving for the day you can apply a light coat of silicone to the blade to prevent corrosion, but don’t use a petroleum-based lubricant. Petroleum will attract dust and sand. Use a light oil designed for knifes for lubricating and storage. You will want to use a lightweight honing or mineral oil designed for knife care. If your knife does start to rust try and clean it as soon as possible. For very light corrosion, you may be able to wipe it off with just a towel or toothbrush. Again you can also use a cleaning cloth that is designed to help remove light rust marks. For more stubborn stains and rust, soak the knife in distilled white vinegar for about three – five minutes. Remove the blade from the vinegar and wipe it down. Again, a toothbrush will work nicely for removing the lighter stuff. An abrasive sponge can be used for tougher jobs but be careful not to scrub too hard because you could scratch the blade and you can also remove some of the outer coating and it will make it rust faster. Do not use a steel wool, as that will cause more rust to form later. The steel wool will leave small pieces of steel behind that will start to rust.

Rinse the knife in fresh water in the same manner as you would for post-dive care. Dry the knife thoroughly and apply a light coat of silicone to protect against corrosion.

K6 Stainless Knife

Storing your knife

You can store your knife in the scabbard once you are sure both the knife and scabbard are dry. For long-term storage you should store the knife outside the sheath/ scabbard.  If you have a leather sheath, that retains moisture and will cause rust.  You can store the knife outside the scabbard in a cloth that has some oil on it. They make cloths that are treated with mineral oil you can use or just spray some on one. Store the knife in a dive mask box or put the knife wrapped in the cloth in a Zip lock bag.

Sharping your knife

Dive knifes can be hard to sharpen as most have a straight edge and a serrated edge to them. So you cannot really use the easy methods, like a quick pull sharpener, that you just pull the knife thru. You can use a sharpening stone for the straight edge and a ceramic rod for the serrated edge.

1. With your knife at the correct angle, slowly draw the knife down and across the stone in a smooth motion, starting at the heel and finishing at the tip.

2. The number of times this must be done will vary depending on how dull your knife is. But what’s most important is that you do the same amount of pulls on both sides of the knife.

3. After five draws, flip the knife to the other side and repeat the heel-to-tip motion.

4. Repeat this process, but instead push the knife from tip to heel. Knives are used to cut in both push and pull motions, so it’s important to sharpen them in both directions as well.

5. Flip the stone over to the finer side, and complete steps again until your knife is sharp.

Serrated Edge sharping

There are lots of ceramic rods out there so I am just going to talk about one the Lansky rod. It is tapered so it will fit all sorts of sizes of serration bevels.

1. First size the bevel by taking the rod and place it in a serrated bevel so that the angle is the same. Run the rod from the top (side closest to the spine of the blade) to the bottom (the cutting edge) a few times in each serrated groove. Try and stay with the angle of the serration.

2. Knock off the burr by taking a fine grit sandpaper or sharpening stone and remove any burr from the flat side of the serrated grooves by making a few light passes. Be sure to only take the tapered rod to the width of each serrated groove so that it does not deform them. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure with this method.

3. If you don’t understand this look on YouTube there are a ton of ways to do this.

Titanium Dive Knives

Sharping a titanium dive knife is the same as a stainless steel, but there is a difference. Most companies recommend a diamond sharpener. You will have to make sure you know what type of titanium knife you have as some are only coated with titanium. If it is called military grade it should be pure titanium. Remember when sharpening to use a light touch, titanium is easy to deformed and excessive pressure in sharpening will roll the edge causing difficulties getting a sharp edge.

SCUBAPRO Professional Knife

The SCUBAPROs TK15 is the first in a new series of Tactical dive knifes. It is built around a single piece of marine-grade stainless steel machined to achieve the ideal balance of strength and weight. Its surface is specifically polished to let water drain easily and prevent oxidation. The thickness of the stainless steel is consistent from one end to the other, creating a high level of stiffness. This is a traditional, heavy-duty, no-frills type of knife designed to handle all cutting jobs, large and small.

The blade is a generous 15cm/6in long and features a lower full-length smooth-edge and an upper serrated edge positioned close to the handle so you can maintain maximum control of the cut. A line cutter is positioned closer to the tip of the blade to enable you to easily hook lines, plus in this position it doesn’t weaken the blade. Also, a shackle key is built into the body of the blade, a great addition for boat divers.

Marine-grade stainless steel offers the best balance between cutting edge reliability and resistance to corrosion. This can be a difficult balance to achieve on the same piece of steel, but SCUBAPRO succeeded by adding a handmade polish finishing on the steel surface which promotes water run-off for long-term oxidation-free durability.

The TK15 comes with a heavy-duty handle that’s sized and shaped for solid gripping. The rugged sheath is made from fiberglass reinforced polyamide. The knife is kept in place by two teeth on the sheath matching the recesses on the handle. The sheath includes heavy-duty nylon straps for easy attachment and a SCUBAPRO branded hand cover with bungee to secure the knife to your hand under critical conditions.

Gear On The Fly – TRAK XL

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

The Trak XL is Flavio Pellegrino’s third Kickstarter campaign, with the first being the Titanium Runner’s Anywhere Knife.


Originally envisioned as a backup or “last ditch” knife for scuba divers caught in fishing line, the TRAK XL transformed into a neck knife designed for females to protect from assaults while out running alone. Naturally, it can be used for a wide variety of applications.

•  Larger Two Finger Design – Improved Retention – Cannot be dropped – Fits like a glove
• 2.2″ Blade Length – For increased cutting ability
• Titanium features single 2.2″ blade on bottom edge
• S35VN features two blade edges (2.2″ & 1.25″)
• Thicker stock material – Improved comfort
• Redesigned carry sheath – Easy access & increased retention
• Anti-Slip jimping – Improved control when wet
• Hollow ground cutting edge – Finer/sharper cutting edge
• Made in USA

Carry options include Neck, Belt, Backpack, or Armband.

Prometheus Design Werx & Chris Reeve Knives Collaboration – SPD X CRK Sebenza 21

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018


Prometheus Design Werx announces its official collaboration with Chris Reeve Knives. Under their Special Projects Division, an edition of the CRK Sebenza 21 frame lock folder will be available in both the small and large model sizes. Since its introduction in 1987, the Sebenza has ranked as one of the industry’s highest benchmarks for a folding knife. The SPD Edition of the Model 21 will feature the exclusive and distinct details of 5 handle fullers, a deep etch SPD Kraken trident logo and the optional CRK upgrades of dual thumbstuds. With premium Crucible CPM S35VN deep hollow ground blades, full titanium slab handles and the robust, proven and reliable frame lock build, these Sebenzas are apex examples of strength, grace, build quality and purposeful engineering. Built in Idaho, USA.


The SPD x CRK Sebenza 21 will be made in small batches in both the small and large sizes for each delivery to PDW.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“We’ve been long admirers of the Chris Reeve Knives family of products. Many of us have been long time owners and users of their knives as well. Their company Founder Chris Reeve invented the frame lock for folding knives and is considered the strongest and most reliable of the leaf type locking methods. In most ways, the Sebenza folders are at their core, embodiments of our brand’s design philosophy of sophistication through simplicity. The exclusive details found in the SPD Edition give our Sebenza 21s that extra finesse, industrial tool aesthetic and character unique to our brand. Without a doubt working with CRK has been a highlight for us in 2018 and we are stoked on the way these came out.”

The SPD Edition CRK Sebenza 21 in both sizes will debut on Friday, August 31, 2018 at the Gathering Knife and EDC Show in Las Vegas, NV and via their website,