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Blackwater To Change Hands Again? Apollo Global Negotiates to Buy Constellis

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Unless you follow the private security contractor business you probably don’t recognize the name Constellis, but chances are good you know Blackwater.

Blackwater started as a private training facility in the late 90s by former Navy SEAL, Erik Prince, the company was sold in 2010 under the name Xe, after becoming a contracting powerhouse, to investment firms Forte Capital Advisors LLC and Manhattan Strategic Ventures LLC. At that point they rebranded as ACADEMI. Then, in 2014, Forte Capital and Manhattan Strategic purchased Triple Canopy and created Constellis Holdings. Interestingly, the Training Center in Moyock, North Carolina, initially founded by Prince, is but a shadow of its former self and it seems as if the Triple Canopy management has taken over. Last year, Constellis bought Olive Group, making it even larger.

Now, Apollo Global Management LLC, a private equity company, is in negotiations to purchase Constellis in a deal said to be worth up to $1 Billion.

Speaking of Blackwater

Friday, October 23rd, 2015


Looks like the Va Beach sportsplex needs to update their sponsorships.

Look What Came In From Blackwater Brand

Monday, October 19th, 2015


Blackwater Brand sent us a branded Plano field box, filled with items from their product line.


Found within was the following items:

  • Blackwater cap
  • Blackwater logo tee
  • Blackwater shot glass
  • Blackwater sticker
  • Blackwater patch
  • All of these items are avaialble for purchase at

    Blackwater Brand Is Live

    Tuesday, August 4th, 2015


    Blackwater Brand is now live. The commerce site is full of Blackwater-branded apparel and accessories, with a line of headwear to soon follow.  The stuff looks great and features the original, iconic logo.

    What’s This? Blackwater Brand?

    Monday, July 6th, 2015

    Coming Soon

    And Then They Were Known As Academi

    Monday, December 12th, 2011

    The company formerly known as Blackwater has once again changed its name. Prior to selling the company to its current owners, Erik Prince changed the name to the innocuous “Xe.” The point was to adopt a low profile name that didn’t stand for anything in particular in order to help soften public opinion of the company. It didn’t work.

    The history of names used by Blackwater is monumental – Blackwater aka Blackwater USA aka Blackwater Worldwide aka Xe (services) aka US Training Center. There are a couple of other entities that are affiliated with Blackwater as well, like Paravant and Greystone.

    But, the new owners have been working hard behind the scenes to change the lineup in the firm and how it does business. Their bid at a name change comes only after a lot of internal hard work. This new name is intended to signal to the world that this isn’t the same old Blackwater.

    In a statement to CNN, CEO Ted Wright said, “The message here is not that we’re changing the name. The message is that we’re changing the company, and the name just reflects those changes. We have new owners, a new board of directors, a new management team, new location, new attitude on governance, new openness, new strategy – it’s a whole new company.

    Their latest name? Academi.

    Blackwater North Now Impact Training Center

    Saturday, May 7th, 2011

    This might not be news to everybody, but I don’t think that everyone knows about it. Impact Training Center used to be known as Formerly Blackwater North/US Training Center and is located in Illinois, right in America’s heartland. It is now owned and operated by former Blackwater/US Training Center instructors.

    Impact Training Center offers courses for everyone involved in shooting and shooting related sports. From Beginner Pistol courses to Advanced Sniper Conditioning, Impact Training Center has a course to meet the needs of all at a cost well below the industry standard. In addition to resident training, Impact Training Center also offers courses via Mobile Training Team to any destination within the United States.

    Additionally, they are involved in the Veteran’s community, hosting the upcoming midwest M1 for Vets event.

    For full information visit

    Bobby Inman to Head Xe

    Thursday, March 10th, 2011

    According to a Fox News report, the company formerly known as Blackwater (now Xe) is getting a new boss in the name of Rear Admiral (USN, Ret) Bobby Inman. Oddly, the Fox News article says that the selection of Inman is a part of an “Image Makeover”. Well, we see how well that worked last time don’t we? But let’s be honest, I’m not really sure how hiring a 79 year old former Vice Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Director of the National Security Agency, and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is going to improve their image. Oh, it might light a few fires under some asses to cut the grass down in Moyock when he makes the odd appearance, but all in all it is just another sign of the same kinds of decisions that got them where they are today; riding in the back of the train instead of driving it.

    People Get Worked Up Over the Silliest Stuff

    Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

    Jeremy Scahill, long obsessed with all things Blackwater, recently made a point about Mossberg selling shotguns emblazoned with the Blackwater logo. Sometimes, I forget that this stuff isn’t common knowledge and don’t realize I should write about it.

    You see, there is more to this story that Jeremy apparently didn’t know. He just saw the Bear Paw and lost it. When Erik Prince recently sold Blackwater aka Blackwater USA aka Blackwater Worldwide aka Xe aka US Training Center to his friends (USTC), he kept all of the rights to the Blackwater logo and name. In addition to Mossberg’s guns, Sig also has produces Blackwater branded pistols and has for some time. These licensing agreements predate the sale of the company so are still in effect. No word on how long they are good for, or if Erik Prince is looking to expand his licensing options.

    But alas, due to the trademark issue, the BW-15s previously assembled by the armorers at US Training Center may no longer be produced. At some point, they may go back into production building AR-style rifles but the market is already pretty well saturated and they were already over priced. The only reason anyone would have paid their prices was for the Bear Paw logo etched into the receiver. Now that it is no longer an option, USTC may go in another direction producing accurized precision rifles. Time will tell.

    So, at this point, Blackwater only exists as a brand and Erik Prince, shrewd business man that he is, kept it for himself. This explains why the Pro shop near Fort Bragg closed so quickly. It was run by Xe and they were losing the right to the Blackwater branding. All of the operations and real estate associated with the former Blackwater now belong to a group of investors collectively referred to as USTC.

    Of course, the real takeaway is that Mossberg has retained a license for the Blackwater logo despite the amount of negative press that organization has received over the years. It is a testament to the brand’s popularity, at least among the gun toting public.

    Blackwater Pro Shop Closed

    Thursday, November 4th, 2010

    Back in June we mentioned the imminent opening of the Blackwater Pro Shop in Fayetteville, NC. Finally, there was a place where we could replace those worn out Blackwater T-shirts, but alas, no more. Cut down in its infancy, the Fayetteville Blackwater Pro Shop is closed. This week, while we were in town for SOFEX, we decided to drive by the Pro Shop and follow up on a tip we had received that the shop had closed its doors. Sure enough; out of business. Well, it was a good run, that is if you consider three months good. We always thought we’d stop by on our next visit. Hopefully someone local will buy the place which features an indoor range.

    In early October, employees cleaned the place out. They even took down the sign. It looks like the Grinch came through the place. Poor Cindy Lou Who.

    Thanks to Grey Group for the photos.