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Win a Pair of Rocky C4 Trainers from Tactical Distributors

Rocky has just begun limited release of their new C4 Trainers and Tactical Distributors has them in stock. The C4 Trainer is the lightest boot ever produced by Rocky. It is crafted from man-made materials and features Rocky’s Airport footbed as well as an EVA/Rubber lightweight outsole which you can see utilizes running shoe technology. The boot is well ventilated and incorporates screened air vents as well as a perforated tongue. Additionally, the toe is stitched down to increase durability. Currently, this 8″ boot is only available in Tan but it does includes 550 cord laces.

To win, simply enter in the comments section of this post with your boot size. You can use any name you want to enter but enter only once, and use a VALID email address. Entries are open from now until 1200 GMT on 6 April, 2011 when a winner will be chosen at random. Void where prohibited, limited sizes available.

If you just can’t wait to see who wins you can order your own at

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367 Responses to “Win a Pair of Rocky C4 Trainers from Tactical Distributors”

  1. Manxman says:

    9.5 W

  2. Norbis says:

    9.5 mens

  3. Patrick says:

    11 mens

  4. Lowell21 says:

    10R mens

  5. ZenEngineer says:

    9.5 mens

  6. JD says:


  7. Brian says:

    I have been wanting a pair of these bad boys!
    9.5R Mens

  8. Carl says:

    12 Mens

  9. Fonzi Aggro says:

    13 R

  10. Phantom269 says:

    9.5 mens

  11. Brad Boeckmann says:

    12 Mens

  12. 10.5R These bad boys look like the are going to destroy the NIKE SFB. Hurry up and release these! We have over 4,500 troops out of Schofield deploying to Afghanistan, time now, who need to catch wind of this light boot.

  13. OSUPoke says:

    13 R

  14. HKim says:


  15. Troy A. Green says:

    10 Reg

  16. Walter says:

    10.5 US Mens

  17. FrontTowardEnemy says:

    9W, por favor.

  18. Brian says:

    11.5 R

  19. Nick says:

    10.5 R – just like everyone else!

  20. Loo says:


  21. JT Eisner says:

    13 extra wide

  22. Kevin V. says:

    13 W
    They look like they may be more comfortable than my BATES M-9 boots.
    Can they accommodate custom foot orthotics?

  23. Mike Mike says:

    10R juseo

  24. funky turbo's delicious biscuits says:

    11 men’s.

    Godspeed, my friends.

  25. Derek says:


  26. G says:

    Men US 10

  27. MCB101 says:

    Men US 8W

  28. delta68201 says:

    9.5R these look so comfort-kool-ness-ly

  29. Jon says:

    10.5R Mens.

  30. Adam says:

    Men US 11W

  31. Stefan says:


  32. walter shumate says:

    mens 9.5 wide… TD website says they weigh .95 oz tee hee!

  33. Matt says:

    10.5 Mens US

  34. Ville says:

    9,5 W Men’s

  35. Corey J Langman says:

    9R; they look like an enhanced version of the Nike SFB.

  36. Jason says:

    Do these meet Army regs for wear with the ACU?

  37. Jason says:

    Sorry… 10.5 😛

  38. Jay James says:


  39. Reed Wissman says:

    11 Mens

    Thank you,


  40. Tom says:

    11.5 (assuming the sizing is the US version) mens please!

  41. Marshall says:


  42. Vance says:


  43. Joe says:

    10.5W Mens

  44. Ben Hammond says:

    Mens 10.5

  45. Nick Giordano says:

    9.5 w


  46. RCS says:

    10 reg!

  47. Jays says:

    11.5 W