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Mayflower Unveils First Photo of Assaulter Panel

You’ve heard rumors of it and now here it is. This is the first photo of Mayflower Research and Consulting LLC’s Assaulter Panel. Designed around a 50 oz water bladder, it is designed to carry necessary short duration mission essential items; NODs, medical kit, and water. Look for it in two to three months.



3 Responses to “Mayflower Unveils First Photo of Assaulter Panel”

  1. Ilia Smith says:

    The Israeli Army have been using connected modular assault packs for a while-I use Agilite’s M.A.S.S. version which is unbelievably light and comes on and off quicker-this looks cumbersome

  2. ares armor says:

    Mayflower’s gear is great! its very lightweight not cumbersome at all and I am sure that the assaulter panel will be a legit piece of kit.

    Keep up the good work mayflower!

  3. RW says:

    Mayflower’s site being blocked by google? any info?