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Drum Roll Please

The winner of Day #13 of the 12 Days of Tactical Christmas is TC Collins. TC’s innovative use of Duct Tape had us enthralled.

Everyone who entered did an outstanding job and we are so impressed that we’ve decided to do something special for all of you. We’ll be in touch to discuss the details.

Thank you to everyone who entered as well as the giveaway sponsors:
5.11 Tactical
Black Palm Syndicate
Blue Force Gear
Legion Firearms
Line of Fire
Medford Knife & Tool
Source Hydration
Tac Girls
Tactical Distributors
Tactical Research
Tactical Tailor
Triple Aught Design
Wild Things

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5 Responses to “Drum Roll Please”

  1. D Reeder says:

    Awesome, congratulations and nicely done!

  2. I love the Shemaghs!

  3. Rob says:


  4. Ed says:

    “Day #13 of the 12 Days of Tactical Christmas”?

    But who’s counting?

  5. rodney Flowers says: