What Lurks in the New York Night

Haley Strategic Partners recently held a Disruptive Environments Urban Darkness exercise in New York. Participants were a mix of law enforcement narco/counter terrorism background.

In the photos, look for BCM, Mayflower Research, Smith Optics, Mechanix Gloves, Battery ACOGs, EOTech, HSP Thorntail Light Mounts, Surefire Mags, HSGI pouches, G-Code Holsters, B5 Systems and Arcteryx LEAF.

HSP discovered that Arc’teryx Wolf Grey is great for interiors but found Croc actually more suited to the “yellow” light of the NYC night. The team ran a mix of Croc tops with their civy Raider pants in graphite.

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11 Responses to “What Lurks in the New York Night”

  1. Eric says:

    NYC Makes a great training ground. I miss the city at times

  2. tacdrivrnc says:

    how are you able to run around with AR’s and pistols in NY without major legal issues?

    • Johnny Law says:

      UUUHHH… maybe they’re Cops? “Participants were a mix of law enforcement narco/counter terrorism background. “

  3. Mark says:

    Don’t forget B5 Systems in the mix.

  4. Billy G says:

    I don’t know….

    Looks like a marketing shoot to me.

    Not a single ding, dent or scratch on only gear in any kit. Not a single brass mark on any deflectors. Rails look pristine with factory sheen. Gloves look like they are right out of the plastic.

    Not a single prismatic pen mark anywhere.

    No who conducts training exercises without breaking their kit on the square range…firts?

  5. James says:

    Is there a larger photo gallery anywhere we might be able to peruse?

  6. eva05 says:

    Billy G – this exercise was supported by multiple companies. The participants were allowed to pick and choose from samples provided by these supporting groups then configure their own kit as needed for the event. For many of our MIL/LEO specific training packages we will try to get companies to support the events so we can introduce new kit to the guys and keep prices low 🙂

  7. Bryan says:

    Is there any additional information besides the nice photo ops for BCM? I’d like to get a better context as to how well the Arcteryx gear worked.