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Breaking News – Dutch Seeking New Combat Uniforms

Earlier today, the Dutch military released a solicitation seeking manufacture of a new combat uniform.

-A new basic combat uniform for the entire armed force of the Netherlands including the Army, Air Force and most likely Marines as well
-Made in the official new camouflage pattern of the Netherlands, Fractal Pattern Green (NFP Green) and most likely adapted as well, NFP-TAN (Arid version)
-180 grams Flame Retardant fabric with insect repellant qualities
-Initial delivery of 13500 sets in the first year for NFP-Green uniforms

So far we don’t have any official photos of this new pattern. However, we understand that the basic pattern geometry in this photo is correct although there may be some slight shading changes.


104995 00 Jas en Broek Basis Vlamwerend en Insectenwerend


2 Responses to “Breaking News – Dutch Seeking New Combat Uniforms”

  1. Ipkiss says:

    You might want to contact Cobbs industries for any official photos.

    • SSD says:

      Seeing how It’s a national pattern and that the Dutch MoD has put this out to tender I’d say that as a vendor, Cobb might not be the best source of official photos.