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Propper Adds Army Combat Pant to Online Catalog

Propper has added their version of the Army Combat Pant to their ecommerce site. We covered the pant in-depth during last year’s Modern Day Marine, showing the various features. The ACP is manufactured from TenCate Defender M and integrates the Crye Precision knee pad.

This indicates that it may soon be for sale, at least to Government clients. Their description –

The PROPPER ACP based on the Crye design is a specialized garment incorporating feedback from field trials and tests conducted in Afghanistan. The ACP, while resembling the appearance of the current Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FRACU), includes unique features, capabilities and characteristics necessary for improved performance on the modern battlefield.

The ACP offered by PROPPER is available in the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP or MultiCam).

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11 Responses to “Propper Adds Army Combat Pant to Online Catalog”

  1. Mono says:

    A Crye-like pant, not costing a shitload of do$h, and sanctioned by .mil… AWESOME!

  2. D says:

    Only $399.99. I was afraid they would be expensive.

    • collin says:

      $399………for a knock off of the Crye pants(which happen to be about $250 with the knee inserts)?????? Crazy!

  3. Jason says:

    For $399.99 it had better give me a happy ending every time I take them off.

  4. dan says:

    we just got 1 pair RFI’d to us. seem pretty well built. would be nice to have the more accurate sizing of the crye version rather than sml/med/lrg/xl.

    the price isn’t the only thing that’s crazy. we have to turn these things back in when we redeploy from astan rather than just keep them like the rest of our uniforms. i can’t believe they’re billing 400 a pair.

  5. Gene says:

    FYI, these pants were a colaboration with Crye and PEO if I remember correctly. I know for a fact the knee pads are made by Crye for the onees being RFI’d. But the biggest reason for the price is the Fire Retardent fabric used. Crye’s are not Fire retardant, the Gen 3’s may be, but I think they are just no melt no drip.

  6. Alexander N says:

    I’m a bit wary of Propper’s quality–at least compared to Crye etc–so I’ll also stick with my Crye pants. However, the Propper offering is built with FR fabric (Tencate Defender M), whereas the Crye pants aren’t (50/50 NYCO), so I see where some of the price increase comes from.

  7. I never in my life thought Id see Crye as the cheap alternative to anything.

    Well done Propper, way to put it into perspective.

  8. Dan says:

    Despite the high price of $399, these pants are still cheaper than any FR pair made by Massif…