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High Ground and Phokus Research Release New Sling At SHOT Show

Ring Sling

High Ground and Phokus Research have come together to solve the two biggest issues that surround your weapon sling.
1) There is not a 2 point sling on the market that allows for ambidextrous firing.
2) There is not a single point sling on the market that allows for weapon retention while going hands on or climbing.

The new Ring Sling allows for all the benefits of a single point sling (weapon manipulation, speed, and ambidextrous use) along with the desired weapon retention associated with a two point. So throw away that tennis ball catch, and give your little brother that 2 point sling you bought because it WAS the best thing on the market. Check out High Ground at SHOT Show in booth #15065 to get your hands on one.

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20 Responses to “High Ground and Phokus Research Release New Sling At SHOT Show”

  1. stephan says:

    pardon my ignorance but that sling appears to share some similarities with 3 point slings albeit with extra features/quick detach capabilities. I’m looking forward to learning and seeing more about the sling in terms of how it’s made, the hardware it uses, how it’s used etc.

  2. TV-PressPass says:

    This looks interesting, but I have to take issue with the first statement: “There is not a 2 point sling on the market that allows for ambidextrous firing.”

    @00:45secs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOWJcOcb7Zg

  3. Joe says:

    What is it? a 1 to 3pt sling?

  4. JS072 says:

    No 2 point sling allows ambidextrous firing? I better not tell my Vtac sling that when I’m practicing off side drills.

  5. straps says:

    The pictures appear to address very few of the flaws that killed 3 point slings the first time around, while introducing new ones.

    Plastic SR buckle on the back? You know that since the AWG study, we’re wearing gear back there, right?

    What’s going out there at the end of the muzzle? Is that a harmonics-inducing fixture on the barrel? Does it clank or melt? How does that interact with the lights and lasers typically used by folks who wear Crye Combat Apparel?

    Add a PRC-148 w/whip or a dual Silynx setup and, well, you get the picture.

    Was that big ring sized so as not to snag on a double-stack pistol magazine? A single-stack pistol magazine?

  6. Mike says:

    Gents, lots of good questions already. You can’t do this sling justice with words or pictures. Come by either Phokus or HGG at SHOT and we will demo it for ya.

    • Shep says:

      Any chance of getting a demo on video? I have an decent idea of how it works from the pictures now, but does it strap onto the armor carrier in the back? Also, how does it function as a two point? Looking forward to more info. Thanks!

  7. dave says:

    So plastic hardware, crazy claims about single and two point slings and not taking account that most people that require advanced slings wear a lot of equipment can’t use a sling like this as it will snag on back equipment. My SORD sling allows for ambi firing. So do vtac slings etc. They also allow you to sling the weapon behind then tighten it for climbing, keeping it behind the back. They also don’t allow the weapon to hand lower than my knees at the front which is crazy ridiculous. This sling definitely does t allow for cutaway rigs, which is one benefit of an integrated single point sling ( which can use a simple weapon catch) for climbing etc. This was not designed with any knowledge of an operator. Awesome for airsoft though.

  8. 80% of the shooters out there can’t even fire from there weak side and the 20% who can, won’t buy a sling like this.

    Have a good one,

    • JD says:

      So 80% of the market only purchases 1 or 3 pts? I’m just a ground pounder who is *working* on their weak side, or better yet, hates being confined by my gear. See you at SHOT, Mike.

  9. Chris K. says:

    For a group of people that haven’t even touched this sling you sure seem to act like you know exactly how it works. Keep an open mind, these are the same guys that designed an awesome MBITR pouch, 117G pouch, chest rig, etc…

    • Reseremb says:

      ^ Amen.
      Just check their website and products, is not their first rodeo.
      Plus they have plenty of “resting time” before releasing anything.

  10. Innovative Looking Design and now let me pretend I’m in front of Pearcy Morgan and have a little rant…… 🙂 Holy Crap People I swear it’s some people mission to destroy anything that isn’t worn by Chris Costa or shown in a MAGPUL Video and I have Nothing against either of them he’s a great Trainer and I think we can mostly agree MAGPUL Kicks A$$ it’s just the automatic that sucks reaction so easily given. Check it out and lets see how it works and functions. HGG has always made Good Innovative Gear and has stand up people check it out at SHOT in person if you can. We haven’t seen it yet but will also have a chance to check it out in our Booth as well and I look forward to it!

    Besides the REALLY important Question do you think he would He’d sell those PMAGS!!! and if so How Much!! LOL & lets remember guys were all in this together we hang together or we hang separately!!

    Hope to see a bunch of you guys at SHOT Shameless Plug…… at our Booth 20605 🙂

  11. Shep says:

    “2) There is not a single point sling on the market that allows for weapon retention while going hands on or climbing.”

    *Ahem* missionspec IAS *Ahem

    • SSD says:

      One thing I learned a long time ago is to not get worked up over slings. There are too many styles available, everybody makes one, and theirs is the best.

      • Shep says:

        Very true. Just pointing out parts of it have already been covered. I worry about things that claim do everything really well, but if they’ve pulled it off, great! I’m looking forward to see what they have to offer. I’m assuming videos and more media about it will come out after shot show? Like to see how it works before deciding if I want to order one.

  12. Fox says:

    1) There is not a 2 point sling on the market that allows for ambidextrous firing.

    On Your market maybe not.


    Sorry. There is no available YouTube video at this time. It will be soon… I hope so.