SilencerCo Maxim 9

SilencerCo’s initial Maxim 9 prototype was built on the Smith & Wesson M&P frame, because it’s what they had lying around.   This latest example, shown at SHOT Show, now has a lot more in common with a GLOCK.

The 3D printed frame accepts GLOCK magazines as well as sights. While the slide catch/stop/release is ambidextrous, SilencerCo plans to make the mag release ambi as well. Adding to the changes, the Maxim 9 now features removable baffles much like the Salvo 12 and Osprey Micro, which allows users to shorten the overall profile of the Maxim 9. Future developments include accommodations for the mounting of a light and/or laser.

As you can see, it integrates a GLOCK style trigger.


20 Responses to “SilencerCo Maxim 9”

  1. jellydonut says:

    I look forward to seeing what it will look like with a light. Accepting this kind of bulk without the possibility of mounting a light is a bit out there.

  2. O. Bila says:

    This is like a pair of sunglasses with headphones built in. It will never have the success of two individual products that are modular. Granted, if it is very quiet with 147 it will sell. But civilians cannot conceal carry it, cops can’t carry it, and only a niche group of government employees could carry it. I fail to see the benefit of this over and M&P with an Osprey. Sure it is a ‘bit’ shorter and it may have a ‘bit’ more volume around the baffles, but i fail to see the purpose of the firearm unless you like your martinis shaken, not stirred.

    • Kerbert says:

      Robocop disagrees

      • O. Bila says:

        Thanks. You killed my argument with 2 words. ;p

        • A bunch of enthusiasts who don’t need it will help bring an item to market for a select few units/orgs. Sounds good to me.

          • Owen says:

            But if it’s based on the Glock design, it will be relatively straightforward to machine full auto parts and manufacture a post sample gun.

            Robocop Approves.

            • Airborne_fister says:

              So you are saying the Hillary campaign is correct? All glocks can be made to go full auto? Damn I should of voted for her. Maybe she could show me how.

              • My mind is getting blown right now…blown.

              • HSR47 says:

                Have you ever looked inside a Glock 18?

                The only parts that are strictly necessary are the selector switch assembly and the trigger bar: The trigger bar has a vertical nub sticking up at the front of the cruciform which, if the selector lever is in the “auto” position, gets pushed downwards (thus releasing the striker) as the slide closes.

              • James says:

                Not all,but yeah. There are back plates that have a selector switch,releases the striker as the slide closes. Since blocks are pretty forgiving about being in full battery to fire timing and such are not big issues. Would be a $100 conversion if NFA/ Hughes wasn’t there.

    • HSR47 says:

      Why do you believe that people couldn’t carry it?

      • O. Bila says:

        You can’t conceal carry a silencer with a concealed pistol permit. Perhaps you can with a concealed weapon permit? Some states allow open carry. What would the maxim 9 even be be considered on a form 4? A silencer?

        • Adam Carr says:

          You can’t legally conceal a surpressor? Citation? Its going to be up to each individual State.statutes’ to address cencealing a suppressor attached or unattached. In this case of legally concealing the Maxim 9, I’m not finding any statutes that would make it illegal to conceal a pistol with an attached surpressor. Admittedly though an ISP – like the Maxim 9 – will probably need some additional legal defining in the near future to remove this confusion.

          I’m looking to use Maxim 9 as my everyday carry too.

  3. elliot says:

    If they dumped some time and money into an integrated white light/IR laser combo, it would have all the bases covered. I think it’ll do well, if only for a range toy, but I don’t see why cops couldn’t carry it or why you couldn’t cut the frame down to a 19 height and conceal it.

  4. LastChance says:

    If the Hearing Protection Act passes under the next president (or gets tagged onto some giant omnibus bill that nobody reads) then this will become the ultimate home defense pistol for folks who for whatever reason aren’t into carbines.