Sneak Peek – TYR Anorak in Neoshell

The Huron Anorak is currently made from a four-way stretch softshell material. TYR has made a few prototypes of their Anorak in Polartec’s waterproof/breathable Neoshell fabric. It’s got a little bit of mechanical stretch to it, but it’s lightweight, packs well, and is highly breathable. They say they’ll release a production version in Spring 17. Looking forward to it.

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9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – TYR Anorak in Neoshell”

  1. corsair says:

    Love NeoShell, very functional

  2. Michael S. says:

    Dang, what a cutie!

  3. Something that’s genuinely waterproof and doesn’t make you feel like your in a sauna would sure be welcome.

    • Luke says:

      Science isn’t there yet. Waterproofness and breathability will always be inversely proportionate for the foreseeable future.

      till then get an umbrella.

  4. Dellis says:

    Shameless explotation of multicam! I’m so offended

  5. Douche Poser says:

    I’ve been running NeoShell for mountaineering. Love it: it’s my favorite shell material yet. Great combination of breath-ability, range of movement (thanks to its stretch) and good waterproofness.

    It’s not as waterproof as GoreTex 3 layer, but it is more breathable. It’s always a balance….

    • corsair says:

      It’s a balancing act between waterproofness, breathability and durability. I’ve found Gore to be great when the temps get below 40F, however activities in temps above that, NeoShell is a better option when trying to balance those three factors. NeoShell’s best attribute is it’s arguably the best waterproof/breathable laminate that stretches. There’s plenty of polyurethane options available (good stretch) but, they either come up short on waterproofs or, durability. Gore doesn’t stretch, eVent doesn’t stretch, NeoShell strikes are really nice balance.

  6. Stickman says:

    I am shallow enough to admit I clicked on the picture because of her. Then again, so did everyone else, so I don’t feel bad.

    The Anorak looks nice as well.