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Sneak Peek – Massif FR Field Shirt & Pant

Developed for Air Force Special Operations Command, the Massif Field Shirt and Pant are made from an FR blend and printed in MultiCam.

Available in XS-XXXL in short, regular and long lengths.

Look for this and other Massif products at this week’s Warrior East expo at the Va Beach Convention Center.


11 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Massif FR Field Shirt & Pant”

  1. xdarrows says:

    Pretty close to exactly the uniform design that the Army should have gone to instead of the current ACU.

  2. Joe says:

    The Navy dumped the blue NWU, which baffles me because pattern/color functionality in the field outweighed branding. The Air Force needs to do the same with the Tiger(ish)-Stripe ABU. That said, either ABU Tiger or UCP ACU make more sense on a flight line or ship deck given the gray surroundings.

    • Ed says:

      Kinda confused how your “baffled” by the USN creating then discarding “Aquaflage”? The wise leaders in the USN thought they could create a true working uniform that grease, paint and dirt would blend in since that is what Sailors encounter aboard ship. However; the mentality of line-leadership always want a uniform including a working uniform to be pristine as well. to add further insult to injury and redundancy of the NWU type I is that aboard ship everyone wears coveralls anyway. It never had any function or reason for being in the first place. It was just another brainless “good-idea fairy” that some Admiral thought of and his wife approved! Navy has too many uniforms anyway and at that time all the service were trying to be “unique” which lead to each branch minus the Marines looking completely ridiculous especially in combat!

      • Joe says:

        I’m baffled that a vanity pattern was discarded by Navy Brass in favor of functional camouflage. Congress had to force the issue with the Army’s UCP, so the Navy doing it voluntarily is shocking. “Stains and paint will be less obvious on the new NWU” per Navy Brass sounded a lot like “there’s no black in nature so we deleted it from UCP” per Army Brass. Both statements are trying to justify a bad idea after the fact. The honest answer from every service except the Coast Guard is “We wanted to look different from each other”. The USMC started the camouflage identity crisis, but I think branding was secondary to functionality, which is why MARPAT works and it’s recolored successors (except Woodland/Desert NWU) do not.

        • Ed says:

          That makes more sense, didn’t pick that up in your first post. Our AOR1 and AOR2 work great in both of those environments as well. Too bad the Army/AF wasted millions and over 10 yrs to come back to the “concept” of actually camouflage. That is what chaps me the most, is how blatantly obvious the ACU/ABU have no REAL camo application in the “field” unless your in a rock quarry or unfinished concrete jungle! If those Generals or Admirals were still around, they need to be force retired and barred from Govt-contract work since their good-idea fairy’s have cost dearly, and not just money!

  3. CWG says:

    Glad to see AFSOC taking care of their XXXL-Short operators.

    • PNWTO says:

      History has shown that Hobbits bring a good deal of skill to FID/Recce Ops and we should start empowering that asset.

  4. James says:

    Hahaha, somewhere out there is a really ripped, 5’3″” 350lb guy who can’t find uniforms because of guys like you!

    • Eddie says:

      Once saw a 5XL X-Long Flightsuit at a Surplus Store, Legit tagged. It was used too. I couldn’t believe it.

  5. Linz says:

    Ha. You should read a novel by William Gibson called ‘Zero History’- major plot theme is “fashion, particularly the intersection between streetwear, workwear and military clothing.” & why people are being murdered over a new BDU design.