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CANSOF Seeks Advanced Special Operations Forces Combat Uniform

In a solicitation published to Public Works, the Department of National Defence (DND) has issued a requirement for Commercial-Off-The-shelf Advanced Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Uniforms (ASCU) to be supplied in accordance with DND specifications.

It is a two stage procurement:

Step I (Initial Contract): each Bidder deemed compliant will be awarded a contract for the supply of a quantity of twenty (20) Shirts and quantity twenty (20) Pants. These Combat Uniforms will be subjected to a User Acceptance performance Evaluation.

Step II (Main Contract): Following the User Acceptance Performance Evaluation result, one contract will be awarded for the Combat Uniforms. The Requisition on contract (ROC) will be for one (1) year with the option to extend for four (4) additional one (1) year period. The Bidder must supply and deliver the Combat uniforms as specified in Individual Requisition on Contract.

The candidate uniforms will be manufactured from No Melt No Drip fabric in the MultiCam print. The uniforms will be trialled by 10 wearers and their technical merit will be evaluated based in these factors:

Although they want samples in MultiCam print, they’ve included a place holder for other colors and patterns in the solicitation.

Have an exterior finish as follows:

a. Printed with the MULTICAM® camouflage pattern; and

b. Other finishes as available including white, black, tan and alternate camouflage patterns;

Another interesting requirement for potential bidders:

Expertise and Proven Design
The Bidder must be an experienced military uniform manufacturer by having been in the business of developing, manufacturing and/or selling military uniforms for a minimum of three (3) years and having sold a minimum of five hundred (500) uniforms to an American, British, Canadian or Australian (ABCA) military force in the last five (5) years.

It will be interesting to see if this solicitation gets CANSOF away from the Peerless manufactured uniforms they are currently using.


6 Responses to “CANSOF Seeks Advanced Special Operations Forces Combat Uniform”

  1. Kango says:

    It would be pure irony if Logistik Unicorp puts in a bid and wins. lol Craptastic.

  2. FOXTAC says:

    So who does that make eligible that have a fancy COTS uniform? Crye, Patagonia, Platatac?

    Not sure if Arc’Teryx is eligible with the 500 condition… they’ve sold plenty to LEO, but have they sold combat uniforms to military? (I know they have for their outer layers, but not sure about combat uniforms).

  3. D308 says:

    Table 1 criteria makes me think this solication would be for the operators/assaulters. The Peerless uniforms are already trickling out to supporters.

  4. Mac says:

    I’d be pretty happy if I was working at Taiga (http://www.taigamilitary.com/).

    Oh, and why doesn’t NZ make the grade as part of ABCANZ?