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MDM 17 – DRIFIRE/Crye Precision Field Uniform in Woodland MARPAT

At Warrior West DRIFIRE officially unveiled their FR Field Uniform collaboration with Crye Precision. The initial model was in MultiCam, with additional patterns to come.


ADS Inc featured this Woodland MARPAT version in their booth at this year’s Modern Day Marine.


These Berry compliant uniforms are made with DRIFIRE’s durable and comfortable Fortrex fabric. It’s not only FR but also moisture wicking and includes odor control. They are offered in the full CP size range which is prefect for those who are running a uniform program. The uniforms are also available in MultiCam, Desert MARPAT, US Navy Types II and III (AOR 1 and 2) and NATO Woodland (that’s what we wore in the 80s and 90s for you whippersnappers).

DriFire products are available for unit and agency purchases through ADS Inc.

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2 Responses to “MDM 17 – DRIFIRE/Crye Precision Field Uniform in Woodland MARPAT”

  1. Only 1 piece of this so far, but MARPAT is my favourite pattern and Crye (imho) makes the best uniform, the hunt continues. The combination of fabrics with the CP cut makes these just about the best you could want in a arid-temperate type uniform for with flame protection I’d say.

  2. JBar says:

    Could have been US4CES 🙁