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CANSEC 18 – Logistik Unicorp Advanced SOF Combat Uniform Prototype

Last year, Canadian Special Operations Forces began their quest for a new Advanced SOF Combat Uniform. Several companies are currently competing for that business.


At CANSEC, Logistik Unicorp displayed their prototype for that program. It is made from Enhanced NYCO which is no melt, no drip and their own proprietary FR knit for the torso of the shirt. Also seen here is a prototype overwhite ensemble, complete with Pack Cover and handwarmer.


They also incorporated a few pocket innovations. For instance, the flapped upper arm pockets are right at the seam and inset. They feature covered, slotted buttons.


The pants have Knife slot as well as flaps for the front slash pockets as well as thigh cargo pockets.



2 Responses to “CANSEC 18 – Logistik Unicorp Advanced SOF Combat Uniform Prototype”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    These guys are doing some pretty cool stuff! I had a good snoop around their booth this afternoon, and a nice chat with their designer.

    That SOF uniform is a nice combination of practical features – its not over-engineered or over-loaded with loads of weight-adding features. It seems like a nice middle-of-the-road compromise between something like a VertX and a Crye of UF PRO uniform.

    That snow suit is badass as well – I hope you do a feature just on it…

  2. Luke says:

    slotted button arm pockets are enough to get me hot and bothered, but the flap on the trouser pocket is pretty slick; I like how at no point does your hand actually come in contact with the button when using it.