Revision Awarded Contract By US Coast Guard To Deliver Custom Bump Helmet Systems

Essex Junction, Vermont (September 10, 2018) – Revision Military, a world leader in military head systems and helmet solutions, has won a helmet contract with the U.S. Coast Guard (contract ID: 70Z02318DMNQ07400). Revision was competitively selected against other solutions and will deliver a custom helmet system inspired by the company’s Batlskin Caiman™ Bump Helmet System. The helmet system is built on a skeletonized, lightweight base that is ideal for affixing headborne equipment and is specifically designed for the turbulence and physicality of maritime and mobile maneuvers experienced by boat crew Coast Guardsmen.


“Revision’s proven strength is delivering tailored solutions built to the precise and unique demands of its customers,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military. “We are proud to continue this commitment through our development of the custom solution selected by the U.S. Coast Guard. Revision worked directly with users to tailor this helmet system to the challenges consistently faced by Coast Guard boat crews. This helmet system is particularly notable because it is based on some of the most exciting protective head systems developments Revision has made in in recent years. Leveraging the unique versatility and scalability of our Caiman Bump system, and the ultra-comfortable APEX Liner System developed for the Caiman suite, Revision is set to deliver a reliable protection solution that meaningfully enhances operational effectiveness for these dynamic users.”


The contract with the U.S. Coast Guard stipulates a 12-month base period, with four 12-month option periods, over which time Revision will deliver these custom helmet systems. Like this tailored Coast Guard boat crew system, Revision’s Caiman Bump Helmet consists of a reinforced polymer shell that places a premium on scalability and integration for maritime and mobile operations while providing blunt impact protection that meets U.S. Army ACH standards. The Caiman Bump system also features improved ventilation, five-size comfort fit, and comms system-ready geometry. The Batlskin Caiman Bump System is available as a global solution for other Coast Guards and Naval Boarding Parties seeking a unique combination of integration, scalability, performance, and protection.


3 Responses to “Revision Awarded Contract By US Coast Guard To Deliver Custom Bump Helmet Systems”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    These are going to be a lot better than the Mangos we have now. Wish we could use Ops Cores for PWCS instead of the chincy blue CVCs we’re issued.

  2. TheScrutineer says:

    Finally people seem to be catering towards a maritime specific use… I mean this is a jump/bump helm with a piece of reflective tape on it but it’s waaaaay better than the usual PASGT nonsense for maritime interception operations. The guys rushing in on RHIB boats need more than just some land lubber’s hand-me-downs. We’ve gone from M14s for over watch and teams with M9s/12g to M4s for all (Must feel great discharging high energy rifle rounds in a metal box) and honestly that felt like a step backward. For the claustrophobic confines of maritime shipping pistol calibers and shotguns were a good idea. It’s good to see some level of acknowledgement for a specific need at some level out there.

  3. Niksto says:

    Coast Guard special operations aka there DSF(deployable specialized forces) MSRT and Taclets have have the latest and greatest from opscore/gentex and other suppliers. Glad to see the “ Regular” coasties are getting better equipment for SAR and station boat ops.