AUSA 18 – Stalker by Safran Optics 1

In 2016 the Stalker, by Safran Optics 1, was selected as the US Army’s Laser Target Locator Module II and has recently entered production. Safran Optics 1 has a long history of supporting DoD, having delivered over 30,000 handheld laser rangefinders.

The heart of the Stalker is a laser rangefinder with a range of 5,000m on harsh environmental conditions. It also integrates a digital magnetic compass, SASM GPS, 6x Direct View Optic and Low Level Light imager, and LWIR Thermal Imager.

In addition to increased capability, the Stalker offers a 3 lbs, or 40% weight reduction over the LTLM it replaces.

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3 Responses to “AUSA 18 – Stalker by Safran Optics 1”

  1. 370z says:



  2. SGT Rock says:

    Looks like Luke Skywalker’s binos from original Star Wars.

    • Dallas says:

      My thoughts, exactly – that’s it. That’s it, I tell you; they might have had even that in mind from the start. We’re there, this is it.