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SHOT Show 19 – Ops-Core Force-On-Force Mandible

Shipping on April, the Force-On-Force Mandible from Ops-Core incorporates a removable mesh neck skirt. Additionally, the mandible itself connects via the ARC rail and is adjustable fire and aft as well as up and down.

It stops up to the 7.62 UTM round at 375 FPS but you’ll still feel the hit.


6 Responses to “SHOT Show 19 – Ops-Core Force-On-Force Mandible”

  1. Nick Pacific says:

    Feel the hit….
    I am certain that one would.

  2. Ray Forest says:

    Only one company in recent years has put any effort into doing FOF PPE better and more realistic. We really do need a better option that lets us do FOF with our actual kit. As a result of this gap, too many face needless risk daily. I’ve seen Tier 1 and 2 guys too often in just eyepro. I’ve two very close calls. Kudos to Opscore for giving it a shot.

  3. chooch says:

    Still waitin’ for somebody to invent a mandible with teeth for biting people.

  4. d says:

    I like it. Better than the FX getup.

  5. Airborne_fister says:

    So this is gonna sound stupid yet, I’ll say it any way. The mandible was awesome for FOF and ops that required a face shield. But this will be great for skiing and snowboarding. Not what it was intended for. But it will def keep the wind and stuff off your face. On top of that. You can use it for the very cold airborne ops in the winter.