FirstSpear Friday – KADRI Clothing Launches Valkyrie Field Pant

I first met the founders of KADRI earlier this year at Warrior East and soon realized that this is the most significant innovation in the tactical industry in years. A product created out of necessity, they not only designed a new pant to fit their needs, but a completely new sizing schema as well. Like it or not, women are here to stay in squad cars, ambulances, and on the battlefield. I also see a need for their innovation in the outback as more and more women enjoy the outdoors for both leisure and work. It’s about time they had some clothing that was designed by them, for them.

Women need pockets. Women in the tactical field definitely need pockets. This simple concept is typically not even a second thought for men working in the same occupation. For them, it’s not so much a question of whether or not pockets are needed, but how many, what kind and what placement best suits their tactical needs. For women, however, this is a constant battle. Due to the wide array of women’s body shapes and sizes, women are stuck with either clothes that fit with little tactical function, or clothes that are functional that don’t fit. Most end up wearing men’s clothes and simply deal with the ill-fitted reality of their current situation: to work in a male-dominated industry, there are just some things women must deal with.

This was the problem founders of KADRI Clothing wanted to solve when they started their company. Founded by two women who served in special operations units, KADRI Clothing is a by-women-for-women adventure-tactical apparel brand created to address common issues women experience in the field and other tactical environments. This includes everything from the functional to the fit needs across multiple body types and various tactical occupations and adventure hobbies.

We got the opportunity to look at the first item from their product line—the Valkyrie Field Pant— and the revolutionary sizing and fit system that goes along with it in the best environment possible: on a shooting range with seven tactically-minded women.

KADRI Clothing owner and USMC veteran, Katheryn Basso, walked us through this innovative new product.

The Valkyrie Field Pant is arguably one of the most advanced female garments available today with features intelligently designed for women. The pant contains 11 functional pockets, including well-sized cargo pockets that maintain their volume no matter the thigh size, and two back welt pockets sized for an M4 mag or large cell phone.

Constructed with a DWR finished nylon/spandex blend with overbuilt construction for durability. Designed with a mid-rise waist, the Field Pant features two waist gussets as well as an extended crotch gusset to allow for the perfect amount of stretch and enhanced range of motion when on the move. Belt loops accommodate up to a 2” riggers belt and include two front cross-design loops to secure clip on accessories like a carabiner.

Potentially one of the most ground-breaking features of the Valkyrie Field Pant is the industry-first sizing system. The Waist-Hip Variation Representation, or WHVR, Matrix sizing system uses waist, hip and inseam measurements to find a customizable fit.

This revolutionary system allows women to choose their waist size and up to two sizes larger in their hips. For example, if you are a size 4 waist, you now have the option of purchasing pants with a size 4, 6, or 8 hip. Additionally, the Valkyrie Field Pant comes in short (30”), regular (32”) and tall (35”) inseams. These options enable women to purchase pants specifically designed for their unique body type.

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6 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday – KADRI Clothing Launches Valkyrie Field Pant”

  1. ScubaSteve says:

    Very curious, sounds really cool, how much does first spear have their hands on this? Are they just manufacturers or was this a joint effort?

  2. drambus says:

    Fun fact. That M1A/M14 in the first photo looks like it’s one of the very very very rare Troy “Rock” SOPMOD Commandos. only 35 made. Went for about $2,500 brand new in 2003. Reworked gas system, 14″ stainless 5R barrel, and a chassis with collapsible stock and rails. IIRC the gun came in at like 8.7 lbs.

  3. Joe says:

    I remember when the Army finally figured out female-cut ACU’s, years after my wife ETSed…

    I wonder if they ever made it into the surplus stores, I’m sure she’d like to check out the difference.

    But it’s 2019, and as always, someone wise and capable thought “Those female ACU pants, I bet we could do that much better, and also avoid UCP entirely”

  4. Homer says:

    Open pleats on the cargo pockets = relentless snag hazard.