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FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM MID 400 Shirt

Today we are getting another look at FirstSpear’s USA Merino wool packages.

In previous weeks we saw the lightest weight package ACM-BASE 100 which FS uses in a variety of their lighter weight garments like the field shirt and beanie/neckie. Today we will be looking at the next level up, ACM-MID 400. What makes this merino package so unique is that it is a dual layer material, not a blend. Using a super fine polyester on the interior and merino wool layer on the exterior, this material combo does some very incredible things. When the user sweats or gets wet the poly layer will quickly wick away moisture from the body and transfer it to the absorbent wool layer.

Once the moisture permeates into the wool layer it allows the poly to dry very quickly which helps avoid the typical stink you find with other synthetic layers, additionally wool is naturally antimicrobial which makes it incredibly difficult for the garment to produce bacteria that causes odors in all synthetic base layers. Furthermore, once the moisture is absorbed into the wool layer it will keep the user insulated and warm even when wet. These features provide for exceptionally high performance garments using ACM-MID 400. Today we will get a look at one of the more popular garments using this dual layer material, the FirstSpear Mid Shirt.

The Mid Shirt is super tough and ultra soft with a 2/3 length front zipper that allows extra ventilation when you really warm up. The high collar keeps your neck covered and is great for when you are working with a sling.

Like most FS products the Mid Shirt is Berry Compliant (100% American Made with 100% American Materials) and is available in Black, Charcoal, Commando, Manatee Grey, and Sand.


2 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM MID 400 Shirt”

  1. Mick says:

    Anybody got visibility on a good long sleeved merino shirt in tan 499?
    And preferably in crew neck to avoid sergeant major anger?

    Basically, does this shirt in crew neck/ tan 499 exist?

    Only one I can find is Arcteryx Cold WX long sleeve…
    Can’t justify $120 for one shirt… but if it gets cold enough might try and find it on sale.

  2. Papa6 says:

    I like the concept of this system. But, the main reason I went away from man made fibers was the “stink” issue (the other was fire resistance). With the polyester layer against the body, wouldn’t it have the same “stink” issues as all other man made fiber clothing?