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Hill People Gear Expands HPG Mobility Lineup with Universal Seat Back

Hill People Gear is expanding its HPG Mobility lineup of overland and off road products with the Universal Seat Back. Although there are a few other seat backs on the market, HPG Mobility’s offering is unique in a couple of ways.

Thanks to its manufacturing partnership with First Spear, Hill People Gear has access to First Spear’s proprietary 6/12 fabric. The 6/12 fabric allows for the entirety of the seat back to accept both MOLLE and Velcro backed pouches for maximum user configurability.

Not all car seat backs are completely flat from bottom to top – most of them curve inwards to allow for more passenger legroom. The HPG Mobility seat back contains an aluminum stay that can be bent to your car’s specific seatback curve. This tucks whatever is mounted on the Universal Seat Back into that inwards curve, reclaiming valuable passenger legroom.

There are a variety of tabs bar tacked into the perimeter of the Universal Seatback that are sized to accommodate a variety of pack components from the Hill People Gear lineup such as the capture flap and pack bucket.

The HPG Mobility Universal Seat Back will attach to just about any seat. There are two bottom straps designed to be girth hitched around any hard point that can be found underneath the seat and the generously sized top strap clips around the headrest area. Removing the seat back is as easy as unclipping three side release buckles. There is also an extra car kit available for folks who want to easily switch a single seat back between multiple vehicles. The extra car kit consists of a spare pair of bottom straps as girth hitching them underneath the seat is the difficult and time consuming part of mounting the Universal Seat Back. Once the bottom straps are installed, switching cars is as easy as unclipping from one car and clipping into the next one.

Hill People Gear is also releasing it’s popular Velcro backed Tool Roll and 58 Pouch in new colors for use on the HPG Mobility Universal Seat Back.

2 Responses to “Hill People Gear Expands HPG Mobility Lineup with Universal Seat Back”

  1. Papa6 says:

    Seems like a great new option for an old idea. The Coyote color might almost match the interior color of my car.

  2. Redbeard says:

    Hey look, a panel of Velcro.