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SCUBAPRO Sunday – Carlson’s Raiders

It’s not hard to say that anyone who wanted to be in the military Special Forces when they were a kid, has watched the movie Gung Ho! So, in honor of Evan F Carlson’s Birthday on the 26th, here is the movie Gung HO! About Carlson’s Raiders. He really was one of the best leaders in the history of the military and help build the foundation that is todays Special Forces. He spends over two years in China with the guerrilla learning special tactics that he would bring to the US to help fight the Japanese in WW2. We need more leads like this in the world. Here is an article about him if you have not heard of him or just want to brush up.

4 Responses to “SCUBAPRO Sunday – Carlson’s Raiders”

  1. Harry says:

    I think you mean Carlson’s Raiders, not Carson’s Raiders

  2. bulldog76 says:

    i havent seen that movie in aloooong time

  3. C. Myngs says:

    That was a good movie, but they left out the part where Carlson freaks out and tries to surrender his entire command to the Japanese. That, and the movie leaves out the Marines left in such a disorganized mess that they left a squad behind to be captured & beheaded.