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Happy MATBOCK Monday! This week our focus is on the GRAVEROBBER Series.

The GRAVEROBBER Series includes a combination of various bags and pouches that can be configured for your expeditionary and operational needs. All bags and pouches in the GRAVEROBBER Series are made using MATBOCK’s exclusive Ghost and Ghost Light material, making them the lightest and toughest bags on the market.

GRAVEROBBER Sustainment Kit

The GRAVEROBBER Sustainment Kit is a joint CRO Medical and MATBOCK project to bring a prolonged field care pack to the operational medic. It features the Sustainment bag, 4 x sustainment pouches, 4 x sustainment panels, and the GRAVEROBBER Drug Box.  All made from MATBOCK Ghost and Ghost Light materials.

GRAVEROBBER Technical Mountain Ruck

The Technical Mountain Ruck is a combination of the GRAVEROBBER Assault Medic (GRAM) Kit and the GRAVEROBBER Sustainment Kit. The GRAM easily zips to the outside of the sustainment bag to give the medic everything needed for both assault and prolonged medical operations. Made from MATBOCK’s Ghost and Ghost Light materials for superior water resistance, durability, strength and weight savings.


The GRAVEROBBER Assault Medic bag is the result of years of needed improvement in bags specifically designed for the team medic. CRO brings a multi-mission approach to the design with their well-thought-out adaptability, including a panel insert that converts to a skeleton med panel which can be clipped or slung using the thin padded shoulder straps. Remove to design a custom panel that is interchangeable for different packing requirements, or easily change bags with the versatility of a panel insert.

Lighter Faster Warriors, The MATBOCK™ ethos, is realized by the GRAM.

MATBOCK Ghost® material is used throughout with Tegris reinforcements, giving the inside contents protection to allow for narcotics to be set up using a soft case.

A few of the highlighted features include:
• Jumpable
• Waterproof
• Mounts on ALICE frame
• Hangs in vehicles
• Ultralight 2.9 lbs
• 1.2 lbs skeletonized setup (if you clip it on, less)
• Mitigates shrapnel hazards
• Thinnest med bag ever created

The GRAVEROBBER™ Assault Medic bag is designed to be mounted to an ALICE frame, giving the medic a slim assault bag that can be configured in many ways to enhance medical load carriage. This jumpable, water resistant bag bridges the gap between assault bags and en-route care, due to its expandable design and ability to hang.

This versatile, meticulously designed med bag was created with everyday medic load carriage in mind.


Lightweight ruck designed to carry surgical medical equipment for expeditionary and operational professionals. Available both with and without frame.

The complete kit includes:
• Ventilation Pouch
• Drug Roll
• IV Pouch
• Multifunction Pouch

Click the link below to see our full series!


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