FirstSpear Friday Focus – Scrap FR Shirt

Today we are getting the first look at another all new technical garment from FirstSpear, meet the Scrap FR Shirt. Built from an advanced 3.2 oz aramid blend the scrap is an extremely lightweight shirt designed to offer some FR protection in a very low profile / low bulk solution. Wear it all on its own in extreme hot environments or use it as an outer layer to gain some flash and flame protection. Soft, pliable, and full of options that enhance comfort as well as heat mitigation.

Features a zipper front opening, reinforced with webbing sewn buttons. Protective collar can be fastened up around your FS Kojin Balaclava, FS Neckie or left open. Multi-positional cuff and security strap. To make the most of hot weather versatility the Scrap has breathable mesh in the bottom and back of the front pockets, armpits, and across the entire back yoke. All pockets feature mesh for drainage, standard FS IFF Oval Fields, and basic organization features. Cut for shooting, moving, and duration activities, a slightly longer tail to aid in protective over-lap and concealed carry when required with a slight rise in the front to access your belt line when untucked. Your FS Field Shirt Size should correspond to the Scrap and work together for you when desired. The Scrap is Machine Wash safe with minimal shrinkage. 100% American made with USA materials.

Available now in FS Graphite, FS Sand and FS Commando.

2 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Scrap FR Shirt”

  1. Nick says:

    The more that I see of First Spear’s technical apparel, the more impressed I am with the forethought that went into the materials and construction related to their designs. This appears to be no different.

    It also sounds like FS might have a Field Shirt on the way to the commercial market… Exciting!

  2. Kev says:

    Yep, nothing says “very low profile” like bicep pockets and bits of velcro festooned all over the place.