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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Fast Rope Mit

FirstSpear is at it again this Friday showing us the first look at an enhanced capability for the modern warfighter, the FRM – Fast Rope Mit. You might have seen prototypes and field samples at SHOT Show with the very distinctive lobster claw design, now we are getting to see what the final product will look like.

Right off the bat this glove is 100% Berry Compliant featuring all American “roper” cow leather and ultra high performance Kovenex providing greatly enhanced cut, tear, and thermal resistance for Fast Rope Insertions up to 90 feet (27.4 meters). Ultra soft on the hand and double layered in key points with a firmer grain and texture on the exterior of the palm. Reinforced button holes allow for quick and easy carabiner or snap hook attachment.

The FRM can be worn all on its own or over the top of your OG shooters glove for even greater protection. FirstSpear designed the Fast Rope Mit with several key features to increase the lethality of the operator. For example, the advanced two finger pattern allows the user to rapidly expose the trigger finger to engage a firearm with out removing the entire glove saving valuable seconds when coming off the rope. Additionally, the FRM can be flipped off the hand and retained further down the wrist with the second elastic strap allowing for total freedom from the glove without the possibility of losing it in rotor wash.

As you would expect, FS used overbuilt construction techniques with highly advanced materials, all balanced for weight and performance for the most demanding end users. The FRM is currently in production and delivery to FS Professional Users domestically and worldwide. Commercial availability for individual purchase is set for end of August. 100% American Made with USA materials.


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