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Milspec Retail Introduces the Emissary Development Cable Clip

Emissary Development is proud to officially launch with the release of the Cable Clip. An exciting new way to manage wires going to-and-from various weapon lights and laser aiming devices.

Emissary is an all-new brand from the product team at Milspec Retail, a leading firearm accessories and tactical equipment retailer.

Made from impact and heat resistant nylon polymer, the Cable Clip is 100% made in the USA with USA made steel hardware.

Easily organize, control and route electrical cables and wires. Ditch single use zip-ties and bulky rubber bands for our modular, purpose-built cable management system.

Cable Clip was designed to easily accept cables from the latest generation of weapon-light switch technology, including the Modlite Modbutton, Unity Tactical Hot Button, Unity Tactical TAPS, all current generation SureFire switches and more.

Available now at Emissary Development and current dealers:

Arisaka Defense
Milspec Retail
Modlite Systems

One Response to “Milspec Retail Introduces the Emissary Development Cable Clip”

  1. Ben says:

    Cool! Good to see a new unique product on the AR15 market.