DSEi 21 – Gentex RF1 Helmet

Gentex is exhibiting their newly launched RF1 Helmet, capable of defeating .30 threats.

Specifically, the RF1 Ops-Core FAST helmet system, protects against 7.62X39 mild steel core rounds, the most prevelant threat on the battlefield.

It weighs an average of 3.5 lbs (1592 grams) making it the lightest weight 7.62x39mm ballistic protection helmet system on the market.

“Gentex and the Ops-Core brand are synonymous with innovation and the FAST RF1 is the latest breakthrough that will provide today’s warfighter with an unprecedented level of protection,” said Des Walsh, vice president of advanced research and development for Gentex Corporation. “We’re proud to field the most ballistically protective helmet shell ever qualified for production by Gentex.”

One Response to “DSEi 21 – Gentex RF1 Helmet”

  1. Shawn says:

    I’m going to be saving up for a while for this one! I’m guessing the backface deformation is nasty for some of those rounds? Most of the studies seem to show that as long as the helmet stops the bullet you have a good chance of being fine, I would still be curious what they are though?