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Milipol 2021: Meprolight Presents the Mepro TIGON – a Hybrid Thermal & Red Dot sight for Both Day & Night target Acquisition

Combining the advantages of uncooled thermal technology with clear, see-through day optics in a single sight, the Mepro TIGON system enables significantly improved operational flexibility

Milipol Paris, 19-22 October, Parc d’Exposition, Stand 5A D067

19th of October 2021 Israel. Meprolight (1990) Ltd. – a member of the SK Group (founded by Mr. Samy Katsav) is a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, as well as self-illuminated sights for military, law enforcement and civilian applications. The company has completed development of the advanced MIL-STD Mepro TIGON sight. The system integrates the advantages of uncooled thermal imaging technology with those of see-through day optics (“red -dot” sights) in a single product, enabling complete operational flexibility, day and night.

Users in the defense, law enforcement and HLS sectors can benefit from the highly-advanced features of the TIGON, in one, extremely cost-effective solution.

The integrated technology enables operational flexibility for mission success in open terrain, CQB scenarios, densely-vegetated areas – such as jungles – and more. Being compact and lightweight, it reduces weapon-load, improves weapon balance, and simplifies operations compared with similar non-integrated solutions.

For day use, the Mepro TIGON’s large transparent display window and clearly-visible reticle enable rapid target acquisition, with both eyes open. At night, the thermal image projected onto the same display effectively supports spotting and engaging targets in complete darkness and harsh environment conditions, including smoke and dust.

To increase the effective day range of the sight, a tactical magnifier can be fitted behind it, while the digital x2 zoom of its thermal channel may be employed at night.

Additional features and advantages include:

– High accuracy zeroing system

– Wide FOV in both day and thermal modes

– Light sensor for seamless auto-adjustment of day reticle brightness

– Long operating time – thousands of hours in day mode, and more than five continuous hours in thermal mode

– Power-saving mechanism for maximum energy efficiency, without compromising reticle availability

– Low operating costs – powered by two commercial “AA” batteries

– Connectivity enabled through a video-out interface for external monitors and communications systems

– Quick-release high-durability Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) mount

“The Mepro TIGON was developed in direct response to the needs of military, security, and law enforcement users for a sight that both, has high performance capabilities, and, is cost-effective enough to enable large-scale fielding for significantly increasing numbers of night-combat enabled users within forces,” says David Shenhav, S.V.P. Sales & Marketing – Defense, at Meprolight. “It efficiently supports seamless transition between day and night operations combined with changing tactical scenarios, all while subject to harsh environmental and weather conditions.

The system is already in the process of being evaluated by the IDF and introduced to select forces around the world.”

5 Responses to “Milipol 2021: Meprolight Presents the Mepro TIGON – a Hybrid Thermal & Red Dot sight for Both Day & Night target Acquisition”

  1. commenter says:

    Wonder how they developed that from the ground up…

  2. Rob says:

    Did mepro hire some steiner employees?

  3. Hubb says:

    TIGON?!? I prefer the LIGER system personally.

  4. James says:

    Salty, hahaha! Expect to see a lot more of them, it’s a an awesome capability especially for bright into dark( any photonic barrier really).

  5. Sommerbiwak says:

    The idea has something going for it and I can see many uses for this for the individual rifelman, but the thermal lens sits mighty low to the receiver and as the phiotograph shows is blocked by the off-hand gripping the forearm. Or a fixed front sight post on an M4. Or a laser sitting there or other devices.