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FirstSpear Friday Focus: NEW Patented LaserFrame Technology

New patented LaserFrameTM technology, FirstSpear continues to innovate and develop cutting edge technologies to give war fighters and first responders the utmost edge. LaserFrame technology comes in a full suite of pockets. LaserFrame is a hemless design and construction that dramatically reduces weight, decreases the pocket’s footprint and retains its shape when empty, all of which combine to allow for a sleeker overall platform.

The LaserFrame line will come with our 6/9 attachment system that is compatible with our laser fusion 6/12 platforms as well as legacy MOLLE platforms. Expect to see variations of rifle pockets, pistol magazine pockets and accessories like the popular Fight Strap as we’ll be adding more pocket variations throughout 2022.

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11 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus: NEW Patented LaserFrame Technology”

  1. Maybe I’m just missing the obvious, but curious how this LaserFrame is different than the general concept of sewing laminate fabric to laminate fabric and not using binding tape.

    • FirstSpear says:

      Hey MilSpecMonkey,

      The patented aspects of the Laser Frame technology includes fusion of the laminated layers into a cohesive, hardened edge that creates and retains a three dimensional shape and seals the edge to enhance wear resistance. The pouches also utilize FirstSpear’s related 6/12 and 6/9 patented technology for platform attachment.

  2. Kevin says:

    What patent number?

  3. Paul says:

    How is this different than sewing laminate together? It inherently doesn’t have a seam when you do this. Plenty of small business use laminates to make equipment so unless there’s some proprietary way they’re making a “frame” this is just another way to bump other people out of the market.

    • mike says:

      lots of things in this space are commonly used and un-patented. Some people might consider patenting things because they are un-patented to be “innovative”. YMMV.

    • Matt says:

      Paul, i just guessing but I’m gonna say that FS is probably using a sonic welding process to fuse the laminate together. No thread it’s the same process used on body armor, and things like waterproof clothing. Arcteryx uses it. I’m curious on the longevity of it with it being stressed by loading and unloading after time. Cool idea and patentable.

  4. ScubaSteve says:

    I for one, am glad companies like First Spear exist to push innovation. Laminate on laminate sewing with no fold backs! Woah! OHKAY!!

    These guys truly are the Tip of the Spear!

  5. Brown Smock says:

    First spear knows that by making patents that are around a fairly straight forward process like Laser cut Molle or LaserFrame (which is no different than a lot of other companies are currently doing by sewing laminate to laminate)

  6. Lasse says:

    Wow, they got a patent on using high power laser for cutting a laminate, but not only that; also sewing it together to form a pouch. This is pretty much patent trolling…