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Rampart Range Day 22 – Colt Canada

Colt Canada is introducing a Law Enforcement version of the C20 Intermediate Sniper Weapon adopted by the Canadian Armed Forces. Yes, that’s an LMT stock on this 7.62 carbine.

Next up is the latest refinement of the Modular Railed Rifle. Based on the Canadian Army’s C8A4, it’s a follow on to the Colt Integrated Upper Receiver and will be available in 5.56mm and .300 BLK. As you can see, it’s MLOK compatible.

Colt Canada products can be procured by agencies, departments, and units in Canada from Rampart International.

6 Responses to “Rampart Range Day 22 – Colt Canada”

  1. Hodge175 says:

    Yet Colt USA brings no new ideas to the market. Well maybe a 1500 dollar revolver.

    • Rob says:

      They are actually being the CM5 to the American market. The initial 16in guns should ship this summer and have been posted on distributor websites. They have full ambi lowers and a new upper receiver with a proprietary handguard interface for a free floated MLok handguard.

  2. yahoo says:

    Colt USA, knee deep stateside in the thriving small arms culture of innovation, competition, etc.. is a bag of fail next to a Colt Canada.

    Perhaps a swift and sharp knife can cut out the dead weight crap managment and buff up the company with a new luster

  3. Cuvie says:

    What’s that optic mounted to the MRR?
    Is that a new Elcan?