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SOF Week 23 – Platatac

Exhibiting in the SOF Select pavilion, Platatac gave us a glimpse of their upcoming ERDL line.

Release is very soon.

4 Responses to “SOF Week 23 – Platatac”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    We know you don’t want to steal their thunder but I know you got better pictures than than? We need to see that colorway. How well did they get it?

    • SSD says:

      It’s so dark in that room.

      • Ray Forest says:

        Thanks for adding the other photos. The hat looks like they did a good job. It must be really dark, I could tell when the arctic RAZR looked like it was in desert camo when I know it was white camo. I’m looking forward to these ERDL options.

  2. Doc Seabright says:

    Maybe they could make a uniform that had four pockets on the shirt, and 4 pockets and two big thigh pockets on the trousers.

    I know guys who could test it.