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Well Played Aviano, Well Played

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

You Need A Halftrack In Your Life

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Are you planning for the Armageddon, the impending Second Civil War of Blue vs. Red, and/or World War III: The Final Battle against the Soviet Machine? YES!

Do you need something that is not susceptible to EMP interference? YES!

Does it need to be Armored, tracked, and capable of mounting weapons? YES!

Does it need to be available now? YES YES YES! You cannot plan too early.



As Seen On Facebook

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019


Colonial Shooting Academy – VB Is Now Known As Freedom Shooting Center

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Last week, a local range and pro shop, Colonial Shooting Academy Virginia Beach posted an announcement to Facebook that they were changing their name to Freedom Shooting Center. Considering the local area once hosted a company named Academi which concentrated primarily on military and government training, some confusion is understandable. I’d also say that the acronym for Colonial Shooting Academy probably wasn’t the best choice in today’s hypersensitive environment. No matter the name, the team and facilities are first class and it’s worth a visit if you find yourself in the Tidewater.

Their statement:

Our mission at Colonial Shooting Academy Virginia Beach has been to “Promote responsible gun ownership and attract new people to Shooting Sports”. We consider it a great privilege to participate in serving and growing the shooting community. In our quest we have been met with challenges, but one in particular has been the most prevalent. Many have informed us they thought Colonial Shooting Academy is a private facility and that the ranges were not available to the public, but rather reserved for professionals such as Law Enforcement and Military units.

The first step we are taking to overcome this challenge is beginning on November 20, 2018 Colonial Shooting Academy Virginia Beach will begin doing business as Freedom Shooting Center. Our team is very excited about the new name and we want you, our most loyal members, to be a part of this new development. Our team takes great pride in serving the best members and their guests. It is members and guests like yourself that embody every sense of the word community and make it more like family.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of the Shooting Sports community. Preserving all things that make it a great sport is important to us. We want to share everything that we love about the Shooting Sports so that new people can enjoy it too. We have the privilege of serving members and guest that are truly the best ambassadors for our community.

Freedom Shooting Center will continue to deliver exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive product offering to members and guests. There is no immediate action required for members. It is simple, the next time that you come in; just swap your current membership card for a new one and check out the updated membership benefits.

We appreciate your business, and if you have questions, please contact us at 757-227-9130 and check out our updated website at FreedomShootingCenter.com.


Skyler Thomas – Manager

Freedom Shooting Center

X-Products Owner James Malarkey Thinks The Magazines He Sells Should Be Restricted By Law

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

James Malarkey is the CEO of X-Products, a company which manufactures drum magazines for AR-style firearms. His company is exactly the type of business that the anti-gun crowd goes after when they want to ban the sale of high capacity magazines.

Obviously, his ownership of a successful company in the firearms industry gives him a soapbox. When he talks, people are going to listen. Especially, someone like CNN. In a 2016 interview he made an interesting comment:

(CNN) – X-Products of Nashville, Tenn., makes 50-round drums that sell for up to $360 and fit onto AR-15s and other military-style rifles like the FN FAL. Some of the drums are “skeletonized” with a cage-style casing instead of solid metal, so the shooter can see how many bullets remain.

X-Products co-owner James Malarkey said he sells 10,000 magazines per year. But why would anybody want to own one?

“For the shooter, it’s fun,” he said. “You can go out, you can shoot multiple rounds, you don’t have to do a magazine change, and it’s bragging rights to your friends.”

Malarkey realizes that not everyone associates the gun drums with good times.  He admits that the general public might rest easier if government agencies develop a licensing system to make sure the owners are law abiding people.

“Instead of outright banning it, allow people to have some kind of licensing,” he said. “I think it would weed out a lot of crime.”

In response, X-Products issued this statement:

First and Foremost our company does not believe in licensing or restricting the sale of High Cap.

Mr Malarkey was interviewed about several items in a long discussion during Shot Show and CNN has taken two very out of context answers to multiple questions. Then they broke them up and spliced it into something that cleverly seems to favor some kind of support for their premise.

Mr Malarkey regrets having ever discussed/interviewed with CNN at all, and will not do so in the future. This is clearly not a position X Products believes is rational or viable.

We support the 2nd amendment rights of all citizens and are already saddled with bans of our products in multiple states now, we would not support any further limitations.

Dewey Akers

VP of Sales & Operations

Sounds like something that could happen, right?

The problem is that just this week, James Malarkey doubled and tripled down on his “licensing system” scheme by laying out his proposal for a complex system of controls on the ownership of firearms on Facebook. Ironically, it would include the very magazines his company manufactures.

As you’ll see, it’s so in-depth that he had to have given this a great deal of thought. The CNN article hardly misquotes him. If anything, they brushed over his true feelings.

Malarkey refers to firearms ownership as a privilege. It’s not. Firearms ownership is a right, endowed by the Creator and secured in the Bill of Rights.

He sets out a set of hoops for citizens to jump through in order to own firearms. They are akin to the poll taxes and tests instituted by local and state governments to prevent certain segments of the population from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

I’m an ardent supporter of civil rights, including the right to bear arms. I’m not sharing Mr Malarkey’s commentary, or his wife’s to organize any form of boycott or outrage against him. My intent is solely to inform the public of his stance on your rights. Form your own opinion.

Update: The plot thickens. This is his wife’s post to Facebook in December of 2017.


Just As True Whether 1:1 or 1:6 Scale

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018


H&K Lays It Down

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

This may very well be the best pre-SHOT post on Facebook this year.

Congratulations Army!

Sunday, December 10th, 2017