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Introducing the 2019 Redesign of the Wndsn MIL/MOA Range Calculator

Friday, April 5th, 2019

BERLIN, 2019-04-04 –

“Range Finding When the Lights Go Out: Creating Information Superiority in Volatile Situations.”

Wndsn XPD, maker of low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments introduces the updated version of our Mil/Moa Calculator for 2019. A scale redesign increased the precision by a factor of 10, also, this version has the capability to calculate yard distances from target sizes given in inches.

Further improvements went into materials and production; this version is laser-engraved in 1/8” acrylic, and hence more robust than the former, printed model.

The instrument is accompanied by a 28 pages digital manual, typeset as a high quality PDF.

Designed for professional and recreational use, the MIL/MOA Distance Calculator (MMC) allows the user to input the MIL or MOA from their reticle and return the distance to the target of known dimension, thereby taking out the guesswork of gauging distance, enabling accurate range estimation and eliminating mental calculation errors while under stress.

“How far is my 3.5 mil, 12 inch target again?”

The MMC scales are unitless, which means that the user can input MIL or MOA on the left side, and for the object size, if the value is in meters, input meters on the S-scale, and read the resulting distance meters on the D-scale. If the object size is in feet, feet is input and read as feet; to convert the result from feet to yards, the value is divided by 3. If the target size is in inches, the inner, left hand S-scale is used, which is graduated as 3 feet divided in 12 inches each. Inputting inches this way, the resulting value on the D-scale is in feet.

For sub-degree angular sizes (1° = 60 minutes or MOA), the MMC provides increased precision by allowing to directly input and calculate in MIL (milliradian) or MOA and thus can be used as a high distance/high precision companion to Wndsn Telemeters — it uses the same principles of calculating distance from angular size, only that with the MMC, the sighting and measurement isn’t done with the naked eye on the instrument but instead, the input values come from range finding reticles or similar devices.

The tool is available at:

Wndsn’s Applied Science Lab, based in Berlin, develops and manufactures that which can’t be improvised; measurement, navigation, and surveying instruments informed by the motto “Ex Mensura, Scientia” — knowledge from measurement.

Wndsn produces archival quality products that are designed with intent by combining techniques proven over centuries; arcane science meets cutting edge contemporary methods, resulting in iconic, timeless, high-utility designs. 

In addition to custom-built instruments and tools, metrology & illumination solutions, Wndsn creates expedition mementos and morale patches to celebrate cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the Renaissance. Wndsn morale patches are acutely designed — no line is left to randomness, no element is mere filler. They serve as infographics, how-tos for the Wndsn tools, magic sigils, as well as functional markers.


Sunday, March 31st, 2019

The EXOTAC ripSPOOL is a lightweight field repair kit that can also be used for multiple survival and bushcraft tasks, such as first aid, fire starting, fishing and navigation.

It incorporates 60ft of 30lb Test Braided Line, 50in of Heavy Duty Repair Tape, #16 Sail Needle and is Attached via 550 Firecord Lanyard.

Series3X Multitool with MultiCam G10 Scales

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Multitasker Tools is proud to announce the limited release of our flagship Series3X multitool with genuine Multicam® pattern G10 scales. These are individually hydrodipped by B5 Systems, so no two are exactly the same. All other features, such as the CNC machined plier head, 3” D2 toolsteel knife blade with matte PVD coating, dual-lug M4 castle nut, magnetic 1/4” hex bit holder, etc. are the same as the regular Series3X.

Available soon at these select Multitasker dealers:

Big Tex Outdoors
Freedom Firearms
Gun Gallery JAX
MilSpec Retail
Rainier Arms
SKD Tactical
Tactical Distributors
Weapon Outfitters


DS Tactical (ETA April)

Now That’s A Hammer

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

I ran across these photos of Starlingear hammers and was duly impressed. Granted, Ryk Maverick is an artist, but he continues to take his craft to the next level.

Fix It Sticks Introduces The Works and The Duo, New Modular Tool Kits

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

The Works

The Works combines the Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter Kit, AR15 Field Maintenance Kit, and critical pistol and firearms maintenance accessory bits into one kit. 

The Works includes the following specialty parts / bits: 
–  T-Handle Wrench 
–  65, 45, 25, 15 in/lb miniature torque limiters 
–  ½” socket and bit adapter
–  Universal Choke Tube Wrench 
–  1911 Bushing Tool 
–  Glock Front Sight Bit 
–  Mini Pry-Bar 
–  Bolt Carrier Group Scraper 
–  Metal Pin Punch 
–  Castle Nut Wrench 
–  Bronze Scraper 
–  Steel Pick 
–  Non-Marring Plastic Pin Punch 
–  Cleaning Brush Bit 
-A2 Front Sight Adjustment Bit  –  Set of Brass Cleaning Rods (can accept 8-32 threaded attachments) 
–  Set of two bit adapters to allow for 8-32 threaded components 
–  24 Chrome Plated 1/4″ Bits 
–  Magnetic Patch 
–  Soft Carrying Case

The Duo

The Duo combines the popular Torque Limiter Kit and AR15 Field Maintenance Kits.

It includes the following specialty parts / bits:

–  T-Handle Wrench 
–  65, 45, 25, 15 in/lb miniature torque limiters 
–  1/2″ Socket and Bit Adapter 
–  Bolt Carrier Group Scraper 
–  Metal Pin Punch 
–  Castle Nut Wrench 
–  Bronze Scraper 
–  Non-Marring Plastic Pin Punch 
–  Cleaning Brush Bit 
–  A2 Front Sight Adjustment Bit 
–  Set of Brass Cleaning Rods (can accept 8-32 threaded attachments) 
–  Set of two bit adapters to allow for 8-32 threaded components 
–  24 Chrome Plated 1/4″ Bits 
–  Soft Carrying Case

Both the Works and Duo come with a soft carrying case and molded in bit holders designed to hold any bit / accessory with a standard 1/4″ Base (including Fix It Sticks Torque Limiters), and any 8-32 threaded component.

Like all Fix It Sticks tool kits the backbone of the system is the Fix It Sticks tool drivers and innovative miniature torque limiters. The Fix It Sticks tool drivers work with any ¼” hex bit, are a takedown design for portability as well for using in different configurations. The preset torque limiters also use ¼” bits and tighten to the specified inch/lbs at which point they spin freely. Fix It Sticks bits and torque limiters will work with any ¼” bit driver.

The Works and The Duo are now available with an MSRP of $280 and $240 respectively.


Thursday, February 14th, 2019

During the recent Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver I ran across the EverRatchet. It’s a really cool design with the tooth of the ratchet sliding around the bolt head but catches when tightening.

It’s unlike any other pocket tool I’ve ever seen. It’s got a built-in ratchet along with a whole bunch of other tools.

The EverRatchet is offered in stainless steel or titanium and ships with a #2 DeWalt Phillips Bit as well as their custom-sized Fire Flint.

Four New Tools From Fix It Sticks

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Chicago, IL- Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters has introduced a Universal Choke Tube Wrench, Knife Sharpener, Aimpoint Sight Bit and 3/8” Adjustment Wrench. These new items perfectly integrate with the Fix It Sticks tool system as well as perform as stand-alone products.

The Universal Choke Tube Wrench works on shotgun chokes from .410 to 10 gauge. Made from solid steel construction for durability, it has a flat design to reduce bulk and easily fit in any tool or maintenance kit. The Universal Choke Tube Wrench is now available with an MSRP of $10.00

To keep knives sharp and functioning a peak efficiency the new Fix It Sticks Knife Sharpener bit has both a carbide and ceramic V type sharpening inserts.  Both are set at 22.5 degrees for a 45 degree inclusive edge.  The Knife Sharpener is precision machined from steel, is available in February 2019 and has an MSRP of $22.00

To aid those using an Aimpoint, Fix It Sticks has introduced a bit specifically for the adjustment of these sights.  Made from a non-marring polymer, the bit has a two-prong design specifically to work with the windage and elevation adjustment knobs.  Available for shipment this February, the Aimpoint bit has an MSRP of $10.00

For scope mounts using a LaRue style release system, Fix It Sticks has introduced a 3/8” Adjustment Wrench bit to work with these quick release systems.  Made from solid steel, the 3/8” Adjustment Wrench will be available later this month.
MSRP is $10.00

Like all Fix It Stick bits, these new bits will work with any ¼” hex bit driver and of course the Fix It Sticks modular tool system.

Meet Tacticlip, the “Multi-tool Hair Clip for Unpredictable Lifestyles”

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

These days, lots of folks are wearing their hair longer, and we know several Jewish men who keep their yarmulkes in place with a hair clip, so when we found out about Tacticlip, we figured, why not share it?

It does in fact work as a hair clip, but it also incorporates several other functions:

• Hair clip

• Raptor-style pointed tip

• Serrated Edge

• Ruler

• Wick Holder

• Mini-Screwdriver


• UltraLight Weight:  3 grams

• Length: 2 inches

• Thickness: 1mm

• Serrated Teeth: 17

• Serrated Teeth Style: Shark tooth

• Materials: Spring Steel

• Color: Black – Finish will wear depending on intensity of use

To learn more, visit