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Finally, The AK PMAG

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Coming late Summer 2013, a PMAG for the AK.


BCS AK Tactical Assault Panel

Friday, July 13th, 2012


Designed to intergrate with the Hydration carrier, Plate carrier, and Armor carrier, the AK TAP replicates the issue Tactical Assault Panel design. In addition to slots for AK mags, there is plenty of room in front for MOLLE pouches.


AKARS Overview

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Blackheart International gives us an overview of the AK Adaptive Rail System from Parabellum Armament. One day, my AK will be ready and I’ll be able to try one of these out.


BHI Foreign Weapons Course – Day 2

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

The AK family of weapons were the subject of day 2’s instruction. As soon as we took our seats we jumped right into two-and-a-half hours of lecture and discussion on the history and variants of the AK family of weapons. All the while, the instructors would quiz us on what we had just learned, further reinforcing the information with anecdotes. I began to see the significance of encountering certain variants and what that might imply. This block of instruction further instilled my thoughts that this is a great course for intel personnel as well as EOD. Oftentimes, they are the go to guys for info on munitions but not necessarily on the actual weapons.


Once we were exposed to the different models of AKs and their naming conventions we moved to hands on work. First, the instructor demonstrated how to handle and maintain the most commonly found model; the AKM. Then he contrasted various differences between the models. Next, with each student working with a different weapon, we practiced loading and clearing them and then broke them down and put them back together. Then, we swapped weapons so that everyone got a shot at a couple of different variants.


Once we were on the range, teaching didn’t stop. Here an instructor discusses the AK’s unique sighting system.

The BHI instructors took every opportunity to show you details on the weapons. While rare, stoppages were used as teaching points as well, helping us to earn about the root causes of malfunctions. We had ample opportunity to familiarize ourselves with both 7.62 x 39mm as well as 5.45 x 39mm AK variants in a variety of models and from a variety of manufacturers. For example, here I am, firing an AK-74.

After about an hour of familiarization, the steel targets came out and we moved back to 100 yards for some distance firing. After we were satisfied with our progress, we moved back once again to 200 yards and reengaged. This really demonstrated how the combat setting on the iron sights works and what is going on with the projectile.

Once back in the classroom, we once again broke the weapons down for cleaning with further reinforced the day’s instruction. After we were satisfied with our efforts, the Practical Exercise began. As with the day before, each student encountered a bench with a pile of parts, magazines and dummy ammunition from various weapons covered over the past two days. The point of the exercise was to separate the parts, build them into the proper weapon and associated magazine and ammunition and preform a function check. The student was expected to also be able to identify the proper nomenclature of the weapon and its ammunition and answer any other questions the instructor might have.

The constant reinforcement through verbal quizzing and hands on application is very effective and I am gaining a great deal of confidence in my ability to work with these weapons.

Today, we break out the DShKM. I can’t wait.


Strike Industries AK Rear Rail

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

AKs are inexpensive so lots of guys are picking them up. Consequently, we are seeing more and more accessories for the AK family to soup them up. One of the latest examples is this AK Rear Sight Rail For Low Profile Red Dot Optics from Strike Industries.

Basically, it replaces the rear sight with a 1913 rail so that you can mount an MRDS or other sights.