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Fight-Lite from ARES Defense

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

ARES Defense has been around for many years and while their bread and butter has been their weapon systems they showed us a couple of new products at the recent Modern Day Marine Expo. One, the Fight-Lite is an innovative modification to the standard AR-style upper receiver.

The Fight-Lite is a button activated low powered red LED that illuminates the interior of the upper receiver. It can be used in low-light conditions to check the chamber and assist with clearing stoppages. While ARES Defense offers an upper with the Fight-Lite already installed, the technology can be applied to existing uppers incorporating a spent case deflector.

SHOT Show Day 4

Monday, January 19th, 2009

ITW Tactical Products

ITW has added yet another color to their product line. The new color is Sand (middle) and joins Foliage Green and Tan.

ITW Colors

Ares Defense Systems, Inc.
The shape of things to come? The Modular Sporting Rifle prototype may be just the thing if threatened weapon bans are enacted. Designed to fit any AR-15 style upper receiver, the MSR looks as if an M4 mated with an 870. It certainly hides some of those menacing “assault weapon” features such as pistol grips, collapsible stocks, and external mag wells. When combined with a flat top upper, you can barely tell the rifle is a black rifle.

Ares Defense Systems Modular Sporting Rifle

Rocky Boots

From Rocky’s civilian line comes the Broadhead designed for bow hunting. I took one look at these lightweight stalkers and knew that their would be tactical interest. So did the duty wear division of Rocky and they plan on offering them as a cross over piece this summer.

Rocky Broadhead

Crimson Trace

Laser grip manufacturers Crimson Trace unveiled their new MVF-515 foregrip for the M-16 family. Designed to attach to a Mil Std 1913 rail, the MVF-515 combines a vertical foregrip, laser and light into one package. Dual pressure switches allow the shooter to choose laser, white light, or combination. Modes include constant on, momentary or strobe.

Crimson Trace MVF-515