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AttackPAK Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS)

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

AttackPAK has been issued 2 patents for their Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS). The system is designed to unburden the soldier by integrating armor, fighting, and sustainment loads into one-system, with a universal chassis. The design is based on an independent waist belt and frame for optimum load distribution, which also doesn’t restrict range of motion or agility.

This is a simple and robust design that has no moving parts to break. It can be worn connected or disconnected, inside of body armor, over body armor, or without body armor, to adapt to every user. The AttackPAK is easy to ditch in an emergency and can be donned without assistance.

The frame and belt provide an ergonomic fit for each user. Three different model belts are available to carry more or less weight. The AttackPAK system can utilize suspenders to transfer weight between the hips and shoulders to reduce fatigue. The packs are modular and scalable to adapt to changing missions.

The AttackPAK is a complete solution, designed from the ground up, to eliminate redundancy and the “Christmas tree” effect. The resulting system eliminates 2+ pounds from currently fielded equipment.

Lessons learned, Afghanistan and Iraq:
Soldiers need body armor or plate carriers that more comfortably facilitates a heavy rucksack.

In 2016 the US Soldier Enhancement Program purchased 60 demonstration units for testing and evaluation. This purchase followed AttackPAK’s response to SPD9 in 2011.

PAK has been designing, building, and repairing backpacks for over 30 years. His years of Mountain Rescue and high-altitude ski patroller service gave him the real-world testing opportunities. His lifelong friend retired from NSWDG after 20 years and complained about constant back pain from carrying heavy equipment with ineffective gear. That friend’s Tier 1 military expertise, combined with mountaineering pack comfort, helped create the AttackPAK, a new system designed to eliminate the “suck” and provide greater soldier safety.

The AttackPAK design is beneficial for backcountry hikers, mountaineers, rescuer workers, as well as military, law enforcement, and wildland firefighters. The products can be seen at attackpak.com.

To customize your AttackPAK or speak with the founder/inventor/outdoorsman:

P. Alex Klein: [email protected] or 303.881.6651.
American made manufacturing
Website: www.attackpak.com

Solkoa and Hill People Gear “Learn | Prepare” Event

Thursday, September 17th, 2015


This coming Saturday from 9am – 4pm, Solkoa Survival Systems and Hill People Gear are hosting an event at Solkoa’s location in Colorado Springs. The event consists of classes, pack fitting, gear demonstrations, and a raffle. Also, tours of the Solkoa facility including their SERE museum containing artifacts from the American Civil War all the way up through the (unclassified) present. Additional exhibitors include Thunder Beast suppressors, M2TSG Gunsmithing, and AttackPak. For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Sneak Peak – AttackPAK Integrated Climbing Harness

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

On their Facebook page, AttackPAK showed off a project they’re currently working on: integrating a climbing harness with the AttackPAK. Anyone remember the Lowe Alpine LOCO from the 1980s?

harness 1

Given the modularity of the AttackPAK system, this is a good fit, and we’re eager to see a finalized product.


AttackPAK – Independence Day Sale

Sunday, July 5th, 2015


AttackPAK is holding an Independence Day sale. Now Through July 7th, save 15% on your order. Use coupon code 7/4/15 to apply the discount.



Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


AttackPAK is a Colorado-based company which specializes in a modular belt and pack system with a rigid frame.


The backbone of the AttackPAK system is the belt and frame. The belts feature multiple rows of PALS webbing, and readily function as stand-alone battle belts. These can be further customized with alternative buckles, and the belt covers can be switched out for covers with different loadouts, utilizing a single base belt. The frames are made from ABS plastic, and come in a multitude of sizes for end-user comfort and function. The frames slip into the rear of the belts, upon which all compatible packs can be mounted. As a bonus, the patented design allows the pack and frame to separate from the belt without removing the later, for quickly lightening the load.


AttackPAK offers multiple mountaineering and tactical packs. Seen here is the Transporter Pack, a 3000 cu. in. pack with accommodations for 3 hydration bladders, a cavernous main compartment, and a weight of under 2 lbs unloaded.


Tying in with the concept of modularity, here you can see the MOLLE Frame Cover being used to mount a Pelican case directly to the frame. Additionally, the ‘Balanced Load’ design transfers weight to the hips on all loads attached to the frame and belt system, insuring comfort over long periods of time and with heavy loads.

AttackPAK products come in standard tactical color options, including Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam.