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New Armor Carrier from Drop Zone Tactical

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

From the great white north comes a new armor carrier. Canadian firm Drop Zone Tactical Ltd has introduced a line of products called the Integrated Combat System. The first product from this line is the Warrior Wrap, a cummerbund style plate carrier that accommodates BALCS or Line of Fire cut soft armor.

Drop Zone put a lot into the development of this product and have related to me that they feel the shoulders are its best feature. In testing, subjects related that shoulder fatigue from the weight of ballistic plates, ammo and water were reduced. Their approach? Simple. Broad, load distributing shoulders with generous spacing for the neck.

Built right into the collar is a D-ring designed specifically for the DropZone Single Point Sling Kit but it will fit others as well.

The drag handle is rated to 600lbs and is crafted from a large loop designed to be gripped by gloved hands. However, the center of the handle is tacked with Velcro to keep it close to the vest when not in use.

Be sure to ask about a discount for military personnel.

SPEAR BALCS Low Visibility Body Armor Vest (LBAV) Pre-solicitation

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Natick dropped a pre-solicitation for a new Low Viz Body Armor carrier on the street on the 15th of January while all of us were concentrating on SHOT Show. The actual solicitation which is supposed to hit the street by the end of the month is worth, “The minimum contract value will be $57,000 with a maximum value of $22,800,000.00.” SOCOM is seeking a Commercial Off The Shelf carrier and vendors will have 30 days to submit to include, “Complete proposals shall contain offerors technical, manufacturability, past performance, price and warranties to include Production Demonstration Systems (PDSs) packages. Initial Submissions will require 3 complete PDSs for each size and version of the SPEAR BALCS LVBAV.” This is for carriers only and not armor.

PACA Low Viz Carrier

This requirement has been fulfilled for many years by the PACA carrier. However, it was only compatible with BALCS cut armor and plates used in the CIRAS and RBAV. This procurement demands a carrier that is compatible with both the RBAV and MBAV armor.

Finally, this is a set aside for small business. With so many companies being gobbled up by big business I wonder who is left to support this solicitation. Read about it here.

BAE ECLiPSE Modular Vest Program

Saturday, July 5th, 2008


Many already know that BAE’s Specialty Defense division won the USSOCOM contract for the SPEAR BALCS armor carrier. Their offering is called RBAV for Releasable Body Armor Vest and is designed to accommodate BALCS sut soft armor as well as front and rear plates. What most people don’t know is that it is now available commercially as the Releasable Body Armor Vest – Special Forces and that it but one product in an entire family of body armor carriers.


In addition, BAE is also offering the vests:

The Releasable Body Armor Vest – Homeland Security is intended for the Law Enforcement role. Similar to the SOCOM issue model but it also features Velcro on the chest and upper back to accommodate removable “Police” patches.

The Mounted Crewman Protective Vest is still under development but the concept unique to the ECLiPSE line. Resembling a slimmed down cross between a plate carrier and concealable armor package, the MCPV was designed with the tight spaces armor crewman have to contend with in mind.

The Tactical Body Armor Vest was designed for those who do not require a cut-away system.

The Enhanced Concealable Military Protective Vest is a low profile carrier which incorporates side pockets for magazines.

BAE offers their vests in Coyote, Khaki, Ranger Green, Black and Universal Camo but some products may not be available in all colors.

The ECLiPSE line is available from BAE.

All photos are property of BAE.