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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – TRACE Systems Authorized Trainer Course

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

TRACE Course Photo 1

The TRACE Systems Authorized Trainer Course is a 5 day program that covers advanced use of TRACE Systems. Topics include professional and hasty rescue systems with 1 and 2 person loads, guiding lines, high lines with reeves, multi-pitch work climbing, glacier travel and crevasse rescue among other topics. The 5 days of training will bring a unit/agency’s instructor cadre to the Authorized TRACE Systems Trainer level for the agency, and Instructor level for the Instructors, authorizing them to teach basic and advanced use to their unit after completing the online pre-course/pre-use packages. This course is ideal for military units requiring complex terrain negotiation, law enforcement special tactics units and even civil Search and Rescue Team. TRACE Systems is not to replace traditional systems, but to fill a gap, provide a light weight alternative, without compromise of safety or capability, when traditional systems are weigh prohibitive.

TRACE Course Photo 5

Venue’s for the training can be urban, mountain or a mixture of both depending on the agency’s mission requirements. A typical course will start with a day of basics, getting into the details and the importance of specific progression in the training when running a course. Glacier travel and crevasse rescue can be taught on a tower or rock. A glacier is not a key component to learning the systems. Two days of rescue systems follow learning professional rescue with one and two rescuers. Included in those days is high lines that can be used with a reeve for rescue, or for bridging in complex terrain negotiation. The fourth day will get into the process of climbing with the system, setting up fixed lines and the always interesting discussion of self-rescue. The work week finishes off, depending on venue, with a multi-pitch climb. And all this done on the TRACE Systems 6mm rope.

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High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Prodigy PMP

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley Vs Prodigy Pulley - PMP

The Prodigy PMP is identical to the Prodigy Pulley in dimensions and performance, however it features the addition of a Prusik-minding flange on one side. This flange adds slight weight to the device, bringing it up to 1.6 oz., compared to the 1.5 oz. of the original Prodigy Pulley.

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley - PMP Attached View V1

It should be noted that the PMP is not a replacement for the Pulley. The flange does add additional versatility to the pulley, however the choice between the PMP and non-PMP style is dependent largely on requirement – capability vs. weight savings. TRACE Kits will continue to include the original pulley for weight savings.

CTOMS Prodigy Pulley - PMP Reverse Side View V1

Currently available in red in limited quantities. Coming soon in black.

High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Tac Climbing Gear – Sling Set

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

TAC Climbing Gear Sling Set Complete Contents

The Tac Climbing Gear – Sling Set is designed as a solution to the rainbow climbing rack. Because color is a problem (see here), where CTOMS’ GREEN Kit includes subdued color anodized rock protection, carabiners and sling, it’s not always realistic to replace good expensive equipment prior to the end of its life cycle. A great interim solution is to use your rainbow cams, chocks and slings with the Tactical Climbing Gear – Sling Set.

This gear sling reduces color and noise signature with the multiple Climber’s Dump Pouches. The sling and padding component both incorporate PALS so that radios, chock tool holsters, even pistol holsters can be secured to the Gear Sling itself for light climbing configurations. If going heavier, the system can connect directly to an armored plate carrier PALS.

Tac Sling Set Complete v5

High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM, CTOMS, and Atlas Devices.

High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – Prodigy Pulley

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Prodigy Micro Pulley Size Comparison

We first told you about the Prodigy Pulley at last year’s SOMA Conference. Back then CTOMS only had prototypes and called it by its development name, the Piccolo. The name was changed to reflect its impressive capabilities for such an unassuming, tiny device. Note the size comparison to a quarter in the picture, then consider the robust performance in the specs. This little guy is a game changer for micro-hauling systems, and while it is the standard pulley in CTOMS TRACE Systems kits, it will work with any rope up to 9mm. Ideal for crevasse rescue systems and ski guides.

The Prodigy was designed to accommodate three DMM Phantom Screw Gate carabiners in the eye, thus allowing it to be used as a carriage on a guiding line or high line using TRACE Systems. It uses a sealed bearing as opposed to a bushing that is typical in pulleys of similar size. What that does is create an efficiency of about 95% compared to about 75% in similar sized pulleys. Weighing in at only 1.5 oz. (43g) it has a strength rating of 24kN, or 5395 lbs of Force.

Prodigy Micro Pulley Alternate Views

During the pull testing to determine its strength rating, the failure points were the small ball bearings pushing through the sheave and cutting the rope at high forces (all above 27kN or 6070 lbs. or Force – the 24kN is a 3 Sigma rating). It was theorized that with lighter loads, it may decrease the pulley’s efficiency due to the small bearings indenting the inside of the sheave. So it was tested to determine strength deterioration after loads were applied. A peak load of 8.7kN was applied to the pulley and efficiency tested without any efficiency loss at all.

Detailed performance specs include:

  • Strength: 24 kN Rating, 18 kN Tangential Rating (side pull on the eye);
  • 95% Efficiency: (tested with 6 mm TRACE Systems rope and a 100 kg load);
  • No efficiency reduction after loading of 8.7 kN;
  • ~9 mm rope (If you’re using it with other than TRACE Systems);
  • Triple carabiner eye accepts up to 3 carabiners (DMM Phantom Screw Gate) for use on a high-line, etc;
  • Lightweight: 43 grams.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – RED Kit

    Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

    Red Kit - Special Operations Capable (SOC) Kit Contents

    We’ve posted about TRACE Systems before, mostly in broad terms, or focusing on the basic capabilities. This week we’re featuring the RED Kit, the flagship kit of TRACE Systems, which is essentially the professional level, comprehensive capability kit. This kit will allow a trained individual to perform more high angle functions than any other comparable system at a fraction of the weight and pack volume. And the icing on the cake is that there is actual test data supporting the capabilities and limitations to ensure usage within safe parameters.

    The RED Kit allows full rescue systems, including two person loads (with advanced training) such as pick-offs, lowers and raises. Consider high angle urban or mountain environments, collapsed structure or confined space rescue, marine interdiction, even climbing with the addition of intermediate anchors (sold separately). The kit provides a significant expansion of a SOF team’s capability with a minimal weight footprint.

    Red Kit - Special Operations  Capable (SOC) Kit Complete Contents

    The kit can be scaled up or down mission dependent, and on average, for a mere 4.5 lbs, can give a team a capability that allows 150 feet of egress, tactical positioning, casualty rescue and evacuation and climbing.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – M2-Harness

    Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

    M2 System Complete Kit With PS

    The M-Harness was born of CTOMS’ drive to produce designs customized to the unique capability requirements of defense and security, rather than simply adapt a typical recreational mountaineering harness and offer it in “military colors”. The concept behind the M-Harness was to build a safe design, where the main belt could be worn as a standard trouser belt, with the convenience of a quick release belt, eliminating the requirement for carrying two belts, reducing weight and bulk. This design also sped up donning and doffing the harness, and allows the user to to keep their feet planted while donning the leg loops, ideal when wearing crampons or skis.

    The M2 system is an evolution of the original M-Harness design. The buckles were shrunk for less weight and bulk. This also allowed the use of smaller webbing. AustriAlpin customized the buckles for CTOMS so the tabs are flush with the frame for additional safety. Padding was added as a standard feature on the leg loops, and the rear support straps are field replaceable. CTOMS ensured that the safety and function of the harness was the highest standard, not compromising any safety features for convenience, but also not compromising convenience (see Private Bloggins Harnesses 101).

    M2-Belt Coyote Brown

    As for the belt, it is 1 3/4″ wide for fit into 2″ trouser belt loops; a 2″ Duty Belt version that has internal loop Velcro, and an inner soft trouser belt are currently in production. The belt is also compatible with the CTOMS X-Belt padding and armor system, making for a versatile and scalable system. If a harness is not in your requirements, it also happens to make for a pretty good standalone belt, as well.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – TRACE System GREY Kit/ Emergency Egress Kit

    Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

    Grey Kit New Kit

    A traditional egress-from-height kit may be too weight and volume restrictive to add to a loadout, putting a user in a potentially dangerous situation if they need to get off a roof or out of a building fast. The TRACE Systems GREY Kit offers users the capability to egress from a height up to 16m (52.5ft) with the stock rope, in a kit weighing only 1.8lbs (.815kg). The GREY Kit maintains a 10:1 factor of safety with a 1-person load, and includes auto-braking when the device is released from grip.

    A comparative example in functionality is a firefighter egress kit, although TRACE Systems is smaller than the 7mm minimum rope diameter set by NFPA, making TRACE Systems significantly smaller and lighter. Additionally, TRACE Systems can easily be expanded for additional capabilities with the inclusion of additional components.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.

    High Angle Solutions – CTOMS – TRACE System Training

    Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


    When we first development TRACE Systems we realized that if traditional rigging rules were applied, it could create unsafe conditions. For example, if you tie a knot in a rope that’s been cycled 100 times, the strength reduction of the rope comes quite close to the load limiting slip force of a wet well used rope, risking catastrophic failure should dynamic force be applied to it. There is a rule with TRACE Systems of no knots (with certain exceptions), however this is contrary to common rigging practices.

    Additionally, TRACE Systems is not cheap, and because of that, we feared that in an effort to try to save money, some end users may try to use different rope, even 6mm accessory cord in the devices. Testing has proven catastrophic failures at very low forces with alternate ropes (see:


    We had to come up with a means to provide training to end users of the kits that was accessible and cost effective.

    Using our online Learning Management System (LMS), we built a course that is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Access to the course now comes with the purchase of every TRACE Systems Kit that contains a QD and rope.


    This basic online course allows the end user to work through and learn the safe basic use of TRACE Systems at their own time and pace.

    The online course covers a basic physics review, the differences in traditional and TRACE Systems, in depth details about the rope and devices, including inspecting them for serviceability, testing videos including with third party components and sharp edge falls, and instructions on how to rappel, ascend, lower and haul.


    CTOMS is currently working on 3 advanced modules: Alpine, Climbing and Rescue which will require mandatory practical training from CTOMS or one of their Authorized TRACE Systems Training Providers to follow the online content.

    High Angle Solutions is a weekly feature by DMM and CTOMS.