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Help Build a National Monument to US Military Working Dog Teams

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Military Working Dogs and their Handlers have served in all branches of the United States Armed Services since World War II. By US law (Public Law 110-181, Section 2877), there is a move to create a National Monument to these teams of men and dog. The tentative location is Lackland AFB TX home of the DOD MWD Training Center.

Our favorite way to support a great cause is when you get something for your efforts that can be used or worn. Generally, others see it and want to help as well. I mean sure, it feels good to help out with something of this magnitude but Garrett Container Systems has sweetened the pot with their Benchmade 375 Adamas knife promotion.

The knife is engraved with the Monument logo as well as Garrett’s Top Dawg logo. When you purchase this knife, GCS will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. But this gets even better because Benchmade will donate a portion of funds from Adamas sales to the Ranger Assistance Foundation.

To get your knife visit

Regardless of whether you purchase a knife, your tax free donation will help build a National Monument that will forever honor service and sacrifice of our K9 teams to save American lives.

For more information on the National Monument to US Military Working Dog Teams visit


Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

We’ve written about the Defensor Fortis Load Carrying System (DF-LCS) in the past. Love it or hate it, it was designed specifically for USAF Security Forces (AF SF). But, like other equipment, it has evolved to better suit the needs of the careerfield.

Beginning in late November, AF SF will begin receiving an improved version of their gear harness commonly referred to as (HGEAR) as part of the 5-Year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with Garrett Container Systems (GCS).

Over a year ago, the AF Security Forces Center (AFSFC), surveyed the careerfield for suggested improvements to DF-LCS. The majority of the recommendations from users included: a better fit to size, improved padding, and web management.

The latest version, dubbed GEN 3 will incorporate those major recommendations. For example, padding was added to the shoulder area and the neck yoke was altered to improve wear comfort. Remember, this is the same system being worn by our Defenders both deployed as well as at home station. When working the gate, AF SF rarely wear heavy armor, rather relying on concealable, soft armor. Consequently, the harness can chafe the neck. Additionally, Velcro straps and additional management buckles were added to the design to help police loose straps. They also changed the front height adjuster to allow the user to pull down to adjust rather than pull up. It’s a more natural movement and mimics strap adjustments on packs.

Finally, each harness in the rifleman kit will now include a tear/water resistant guide on adjustment, wear and care of the DF-LCS as well as an instructions on how to use PALS. Odd as it seems in this day and age, there are some folks that don’t know how to weave. But, better safe than sorry.

For those not allowed to buy from AFSFC’s IDIQ (and that’s a lot of folks), the GEN3 in both Air Force Digital Tigerstripe as well as Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) or, more popularly known as MultiCam, will soon be available at or through one of their sales reps.

Gerber Seat Belt Cutter

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Gerber has produced an excellent seat belt cutter. It is compact, lightweight and stores in a durable friction sheath that will affix to a single PALS bar or can be attached to webbing with a MALICE clip. Interestingly, the color matched MALICE clip was marked with the Gerber Legendary Blades logo as well as Tactical Tailor.

Gerber Seat Belt Cutter Gerber Seat Belt Cutter and Sheath

The 420HC stainless steel blade is designed to one thing and do it well. In our test it made quick work of Type 8 nylon webbing. The Seat Belt Cutter is simply to deploy and has a large finger loop and grooves. The non-slip handle also features a pointed end which can be used to break glass in an emergency.

Available in Foliage, Coyote Brown, and Black from Garrett Container Systems.