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Rampart Range Day 18 – Magtech Ammunition Now Available In Canada

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

The full line of Magtech Ammunition is now available exclusively in Canada through Rampart Corp.

Magpul Dynamics Announces Partnership with Magtech Ammunition

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

We are very pleased to learn that Magpul Dynamics is partnering with Magtech Ammunition to supply ammo for their students. This is fantastic news! Here is their release:

At Magpul Dynamics, we understand the importance of quality firearms and tactical training, and it is our mission to provide that to the military, law enforcement community, and responsible, law-abiding Citizens. It is no secret to gun owners that the price of ammunition has skyrocketed recently, in addition to a steady increase over the past few years. Also, due to the high demand for ammunition currently, the available supply to an individual wishing to purchase training ammunition at a reasonable price is nonexistent.

Magpul Dynamics is pleased to announce a partnership with Magtech Ammunition to provide students with accurate, reliable, and consistent factory ammunition. This program will allow students to purchase ammunition to meet the course requirements for our program directly from Magpul Dynamics, and ensure fair pricing and availability for our customers. We are extremely appreciative of Magtech for providing us this opportunity to serve our students better, and helping us to meet their training needs.

Pricing and purchasing details for registered students will be released shortly, with initial availability of 7.62×51, 5.56×45, .45ACP, .40 SW, and 9×19 ammunition to meet the needs of the individual shooter. At this time, ammunition will only be made available to registered Magpul Dynamics students, up to the quantity needed to attend class. There are no current plans to sell ammunition outside of the training needs of our students, and students who pay for ammunition and subsequently cancel class attendance will receive a refund, and will not have the option of taking delivery of the ammunition.

Please visit for further updates in the near future regarding ordering and availability