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SOFIC 18 – Possible Glock Sub Compact Weapon Concept

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Earlier this month the US Army released an RFI to industry, seeking sources for a full auto, 9mm sub compact weapon. Just weeks later, Glock displayed this combination at SOFIC.

It combines a Silencerco suppressor, Mako foregrip and Endotactical stock adapter with a Magpul stock, all mounted to a select fire Glock 18.

Israeli Carbine Training Video

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


This DVD parallels current live training being conducted by Mako Defense and demonstrates the “Israeli Method” of fighting which revolves around the concept of using speed and accuracy to quickly neutralize any threat, while protecting bystanders. The DVD is intended to give LE officers pointers for working alone, with a partner, or in a team, to the sharpen the skills of military combatants, and enable civilian shooters to become more competent in every aspect of using their tactical rifles for home defense as well as shooting sports.

In a press release, Addy Sandler, CEO of Mako Defense relayed, “We are pleased to make this excellent fighting and self-defense method available to more people in the United States.” “Our live-fire courses fill up fast, and we often have law enforcement and military personnel attending on their own time, along with a great many civilians who are passionate about shooting and understand the need to develop expert home defense techniques. While not a substitute for live interaction with our Israeli instructors, our DVD courses will enable everyone to understand how to utilize the Israeli Method of fighting to make themselves and their loved ones safer.”

Available through tactical and firearms retailers. For more info visit www.themakogroup.com.