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MDM – Rigid Plate Carrier from National Molding

Friday, September 25th, 2015

We first showed you National Molding’s Rigid Plate Carrier during last year’s Modern Day Marine Expo. Since then, they’ve continued to refine their design and begun to garner some interest in the technology.


Below, you can see the components of the RPC which encapsulates the plate. The plate can be removed for inspection or replacement. You can also see that the RPC incorporates National Molding’s Quad Release.


Finally, this photo depicts a translucent RPC panel, used in ballistic testing. They have demonstrated rather promising containment of projectile spall.



National Molding – SJ Lite Buckles

Friday, September 4th, 2015


National Molding’s Duraflex division has just announced the new SJ series of side release buckles and Tensionlocks. They are manufactured in South Florida, and are available in Black as well as a variety of military colors.


Sneak Peek – Mystery Ranch PowerBuckle

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

During a visit over the weekend to Mystery Ranch in Bozeman, Montana, founder Dana Gleason gave me a quick look at a new technical development. Dubbed the PowerBuckle, it offers the same functionality and stength of a standard side-release buckle, but with the added utility of use as a databus.

Essentially, it buries a data cable in a National Molding buckle such as the quad release buckle used on the IOTV. While it is still a prototype, it is a Mystery Ranch exclusive.

Due to the buckle’s architecture, they can embed between two and 16 conductors.  This one is set up as a USB and features four conductors. You’ll notice an access plate at the rear of the female portion of the buckle. This will only be present on the first thousand or so. Once users begin to integrate the PowerBuckle, they’ll be built to spec and there will be no need to access the circuitry in order to configure the circuits because each will be purpose built for the task. Dana went on the explain, “You may also notice that this isn’t waterproof. It’s a prototype and the production versions will be.”

Regarding the buckle, Dana related, “We saw a clear need for this technology, so we developed it. There were guys with cutaway vests getting hung up by comms cabling and we wanted a way for the gear to cutaway completely and safely.” He went on, “National Molding is our manufacturer. If anyone else is interested in using the PowerBuckle, you know where to find us.”

Patent pending.


Three New Products From National Molding

Friday, January 9th, 2015

National Molding has announced three new products: two new buckles which work with their release systems, offering increased break strength and durability along with illuminating any metal hardware from the cable retention assembly, and they require no tools for assembly. The third product is the Groovy Pop Lock, a new spin on an older product which has grooved surfaces for ease of use with gloved or wet hands. Additionally, the gripping strength has been increased to avoid any creeping. The full details can be read below:

1″ HD Male CR

HD Male CR 1 01 06 15

1.5″ HD Male CR

HD Male CR 1.5 01 06 15

Groovy Pop Lock

Groovy pop lock 01 06 15


National Molding Launches Redesigned Website

Friday, December 12th, 2014

National Molding new site

National Molding has just launched a new website. Made in collaboration with an outside resource who specializes in building corporate websites, the new page features a clean design and improved navigation.


National Molding – New Sling Hardware

Friday, October 17th, 2014

National Molding has capitalized on the popularity of the weapon sling by offering two new sling hardware parts:

NM new sling parts

A 1.25″ tension lock with aggressive side ribs for positive grip, along with the ability to add a lanyard – #10343.

A 1″ to 1.25″ adaptor which features a 1″ slot and 1.25″ slot for simple transition between different webbing sizes – # 10344.

Both parts complement the National Molding 9094/9095 HD sling buckle. They are available in a variety of military colors and are 100% Berry compliant.


MDM – National Molding – Rigid Plate Carrier

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


National Molding has unveiled their new Rigid Plate Carrier is made from a high impact plastic shell that helps contain spall and frag. It also protects the plate from day-to-day impacts and integrates the National Molding X-Quad single point release. This version is 20% lighter than the Quad release found in the IOTV.


Need PALS-compatible load carriage? Not a problem. National Molding has introduced an adapter that fits over the RPC. As you can see, it can be dipped in any Camo pattern.

Available 3rd Quarter, 2015.


Sneak Peek – National Molding Unveils New Technology at Modern Day Marine

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

RPC 9 19 14

At this week’s Modern Day Marine expo at Quantico, Virginia, National Molding will be revealing what they are calling “a new direction in armor.” Stop by Booth #3142 to check it out.