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Outland Equipment’s Multi-Mission Axes

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Built for the unforgiving environments encountered by military, law enforcement and emergency response professionals, Outland’s American-made Multi-Mission Series axes are reliable tools for rescue and survival situations.


Outland Equipment Multi-Mission Axe (MMA) 1503

Mont Vernon, N.H. (April 2018) – Although axes have been used throughout history as a tool and weapon, little has changed over the millennia in its design. For today’s first responders, military and law enforcement professionals, the axe is still a primary tool for rescue, breaching and survival scenarios. Outland Equipment designs and manufactures state-of-the-art axes and knives specifically engineered to meet the critical demands of those that go in harms’ way.

“A go-to tool for responding to emergency situations,” Chris Aiston, CEO of Outland Equipment, said. “We design these tools for those who operate in harsh environments where failure means disaster. They cut, pound and pry, facilitating structure and vehicle forcible entry and egress. Whatever a first responder requires his tool to do, the MMA series is there to complete the mission and save lives.”

Outland has produced three Multi-Mission Axes (MMA) that not only perform the requirements of an axe, but also integrate other functionality including hammering, prying, cutting seatbelts, cutting sheet metal and working with hex fasteners. The MMA 1502, 1902 and 1503 are all made from a single piece of hardened S7 tool steel, a steel formulated to withstand extreme shock and impact.


Outland Equipment Multi-Mission Axe with extended handle 1902

The head of the MMA series features a 3.9 inch cutting edge with a bolt-on hammer and hex nut tool. The MMA 1502 and 1503 are 15 inches in length, a size convenient for carry and maneuvering in tight spaces. The MMA 1902 with its 19 inch length provides enhanced reach, impact force and leverage. The tail of the MMA 1502 and 1902 feature an angled pry bar, seatbelt cutter and sheet metal cutter. The MMA 1503 tail features an angled pry bar, seatbelt cutter and a hex wrench for urban and residential environments.

The handle grips are made of G10 material, a fiberglass-based epoxy resin that is not only extremely rugged but also impervious to moisture and chemicals, important factors for rescue operators. The handle has been shaped to offer the operator multiple hand positions to optimize a positive grip for the job.

All of Outland’s MMA axes are covered with a Modular Sheath that allows for easy access, quick deployment and multiple carry options. The axe is secured in the sheath using an internal latch and two BioThane® Coated Webbing straps. Carry options are endless for the operator, as the Modular Sheath accepts accessories for mounting on a belt or MOLLE gear, can be bolted to a vehicle or worn on a shoulder strap.



Outland Equipment – Updated Multi-Mission Axe Now Available

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

2017-09-17 MMA-1502 01 800x600

Outland Equipment’s Multi-Mission Axe is available in the updated 1502 and 1902 versions, now featuring a sheet metal cutter and redesigned modular sheath.

2017-09-17 MMA-1902 01 800x600

Designed as a rescue and survival tool, the Multi-Mission Axe is composed of a piece of hardened S7 tool steel with a Cerakote finish, and G10 handle scales. The axe head consists of a 3.9″ cutting edge, with bolt-on hammer and hex nut tool. The tail features an angled pry bar and a seatbelt cutter, in addition to the new sheet metal cutter. The Multi-Mission Axe is available in two lengths, 15″ and 19″, both with identical feature sets.

You can check out the product sheet here.

Outland Equipment Year-End Axe Sale

Monday, December 28th, 2015

All Multi-Mission Axes are $50 off plus free US shipping. Sale ends December 31st.

Outland Equipment – Kryptos K2 Knife

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Kryptos K2 Sell Sheet

Outland’s Kryptos knife was developed with American Special Operations Forces as a knife for optimum concealed carry, swift and natural draw, and reliable retention. The handle’s shape and sheath profile was designed for discreet horizontal carry, and the sheath is ambidextrous for left or right-handed draw. The handle’s pinky hook is designed to give the user’s hand a secure location for a quick draw, and the handle also has jimping for additional bite. Included in the kit is an aluminum trainer with blunt edges and a rounded point. The trainer handle geometry and sheath draw match the live knife. Kryptos is available in both single and double edge versions.

Full tang CPM 3V steel construction
Single or double-edged versions
3.7 inch primary cutting edge
G10 handle grips
Deep finger choil and aggressive jimping for a secure grip
Pinky hook allows for fast, sightless grip acquisition and sheath draw
Sheath straps horizontally along your belt

MDM – Outland Equipment – Kryptos K1 Knife

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


Outland Equipment developed the Kryptos K1 in collaboration with a US SOF customer (as in unit). The K1 is designed as a concealable carry knife, with a covert sheath which can be worn horizontally on a 1.5″ tactical belt. It’s an ambidextrous sheath design and can be positioned anywhere on a belt. The K1 is designed optimally for a swift and natural draw, with a pinky hook which helps index the hand and provides a secure location for a draw, and a solid base for thrusting. The handle of the blade has G10 scales, and jimping, for a more secure grip. The K1 is constructed of CMP 3V steel, with a full tang. The blade is double edged, with a 3.75″ primary cutting edge.

Also included with the K1 is a blue stainless steel training knife. Naturally, the handle geometry and sheath draw are designed to feel exactly like the live knife.

Warrior East - Concept Model

We first encountered the K1 at Warrior East, as a proof of concept while they dialed the design in with the customer. Although largely the same as the final production model, you can see a couple of features still being worked on, such as the design of the sheath, and the smooth scales on the handle, compared to the textured scales on later models.

OR - Pre Production Sample

Later, at Outdoor Retailer, we got to see the Pre-Production Sample Model. Here you can see it serves as the basis for the production knives, including the blue trainer, and the finalized sheath.

Production of the Kryptos K1 for this initial run was limited to 10 kits. At the time of writing, only four kits remained for sale.  There are more coming.