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Protech Tactical Debuts First Tactical Carrier With FirstSpear Technology

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


Popular Shift 360 Plate Rack System now available with expanded options

Jacksonville, Fla. – Safariland, a recognized leader in the tactical armor market, today announced the release of the PROTECH® Tactical Shift 360™ Scalable Plate Rack System as its first platform to encompass the FirstSpear® Tubes™ closure system.

Utilizing advanced technologies from industry-leading armor brands, PROTECH Tactical and FirstSpear, the Shift 360 plate rack is a high-speed carrier system representing PROTECH Tactical’s fastest and most dynamic scalable plate rack offering. The system starts as a basic plate rack carrier with the ability to transition into a fully loaded tactical system for a multitude of mission specifications.

FirstSpear Tubes modernize the armor carrier closure system, enhancing the ease of donning and doffing the Shift 360 carrier with a quick up or down single hand function. The simple motion for attaching or detaching the system capitalizes on the user’s muscle memory, ideal for stressful or high-speed scenarios. This lightweight closure system ensures the cummerbund is always positioned in the same location, which is vital for proper ballistic coverage, and mitigates the risk of misalignment and incorrect attachment.

“The Shift 360 meets the requirements of patrol and tactical law enforcement officers who need to transition from routine activities to high-threat situations in a matter of seconds,” said Director of Tactical Armor Brian Santimauro. “Facing increased occurrences of scenarios evolving into active shooter, hostage or terrorist situations, law enforcement officers can have confidence that the Shift 360 will outfit them for any situation.”

“The Shift 360 system was put to the test with a variety of law enforcement teams, providing PROTECH Tactical with vital feedback to make it one of the most sought after scalable plate racks on the market,” added Santimauro. Beyond the FirstSpear technology, the Shift 360 plate rack incorporates other recently updated design elements, which elevate the functionality of the system, such as a cummerbund attachment, ballistics insertions and reinforced support. The Shift 360 AWS is available with all three closure system options – FirstSpear Tubes, single-point Quick-Release, and Velcro® closure.

“Protective technology is in our name,” said Todd Mackler, vice president of Armor. “This isn’t restricted to the ballistics and hard armor components that are inserted into our carriers. It also pertains to the carriers themselves with efficient designs and detailed components that we test, evaluate and integrate into our systems.”

Safariland introduced a new a-la-carte ordering system for 2016, which allows teams and individual users to configure the Shift 360 plate rack to meet their specific needs, including a full array of ballistic and non-ballistic accessory garments. The PROTECH Tactical Shift 360 is available for ordering with Type II and IIIA ballistic packages, as well as color options based on the load-bearing configuration. Integrated FirstSpear 6/12™ Platform & Pocket Technologies and Traditional Modular Webbing are due out at the end of 2016. More information on the Shift 360 Scalable Plate Rack system is available here:

New NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield From Protech Tactical

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Safariland today announced the release of the new Protech Tactical NATO SS Ballistic Resistant Shield, NIJ 0108.01 type III compliant. Comprised of advanced composite, high-performance polyethylene and ceramic, this type III shield boasts protection from a multitude of rounds, which is vital for members of the law enforcement community.

Demand for the NATO SS was driven by a surplus of the M855/SS109 rounds in the domestic U.S. market. As suppliers release the M855/SS109 rounds to civilian distributors, the need for effective type III equipment is more important than ever.

“Officers are significantly more likely to encounter the M855/SS109 today than just a few years ago,” says Dan McNeil, Director of Tactical Armor. “Traditional lightweight type III ballistic- resistant shields are not able to attack the challenge of defeating this round. Committed to Safariland’s mantra that, ‘Together, We Save Lives,’ this next generation shield fromProtech Tactical will shift the marketplace.”

Ultimately, the NATO SS is designed for high-performance incidents as the first type III shield that successfully stops penetration of M855/SS109 rounds. Protech Tactical’s NATO line of products has already earned a reputation for life saving innovations. For example, Safariland SAVES Club Member #1940 was inducted earlier this year after the NATO II Shield stopped the rounds of a 12-gauge shotgun.

Specific to the new NATO SS, this ballistic resistant shield safeguards end users in law enforcement against numerous rounds, including the 7.62mm x 51mm M80 FMJ, 5.56mm x 45mm M193 Ball, 5.56mm x 45mm Tactical Bonded Projectile, 5.56mm x 45mm M855 Ball and the 7.62mm x 39mm PS Ball Projectile.

Featuring Safariland’s latest technology and highest quality materials, this shield measures 20” x 32” and features 4” ballistic wings for additional protection from angled shots. A strategically placed 4” x 10” viewport offers the user excellent visibility without sacrificing coverage. Moreover, a horizontal handle bar and standoff straps located on the back of the shield ensure proper placement during use. Each NATO SS also includes a shield support hook for additional support and stabilization, which is to reduce the weight-bearing load.

The NATO SS is available to order with part number 1189266 and is offered at $6,300 MSRP. For ordering, please contact an account representative or a member of the Safariland customer service team at 1.800.347.1200. For more information, visit

Blue Force Gear Licenses Helium Whisper to The Safariland Group

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Very interesting news from Blue Force Gear. I noticed Safariland has been adopting the new webbingless MOLLE technology.

LAS VEGAS, NV—January 17, 2014—Blue Force Gear® announced today that they have reached an agreement with The Safariland Group to license their Helium Whisper™ technology for U.S. domestic manufacture as part of PROTECH® Tactical, an armor brand of The Safariland Group. The Safariland Group is the largest company to receive licensing rights for Helium Whisper and will use the Patent pending technology to enhance products they provide to law enforcement markets.

“The Safariland Group shares our passion for helping the good guys to make it home safe,” said Ashley Burnsed, founder and CEO of Blue Force Gear. “We are extremely happy to work with them.”

Combining PROTECH Tactical’s cutting edge armor with lighter modular pouches allows officers to respond to emerging threats with speed and agility.

“The Safariland Group has a reputation for offering innovative and exciting products to the law enforcement market,” said Glenn Katz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The Safariland Group. “We are excited to bring this excellent product line to a wider audience through this distribution and licensing agreement with Blue Force Gear.”

Helium Whisper allows modular pouch backs to be constructed from a single piece of high-performance laminate versus the multiple straps and snaps of older attachment systems. This amazing breakthrough increases strength and durability of pouches while eliminating failure points and reducing weight by up to 60 percent. Helium Whisper has a proven track record with elite U.S. Special Operations Forces.