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Sneak Peek – Raine R2

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012


Manifesting the Raine mindset of LIGHTER FASTER STRONGER, the new R2 combines functionality and scalability into a manageable, 2800 cubic inch pack system. While wheels have not been re-invented in Raine’s first ever ruck sack platform, good sound functional features and modularity were built into this pack to carry your load comfortably and efficiently.

“Running this pack in the field recently allowed me to test some of purpose built features we were driving at in the design phase. At the end of the day, what is it that I need my pack to do for me? The simple answer is to carry a load, carry it comfortably, and allow me to do it in a manner in which I never have to fight the load. This pack carried a pretty hearty load and did it very comfortably thanks to the strategic placement of the shoulder and waist suspension.

This pack will only take so much kit before you have to go to the exterior. The beaver tail feature allows for quite a bit of expandability on the exterior, and was purpose built to accept a helmet up to the size of an ACH…or rain jacket and pants…or MRE’s… or whatever a human can fit. Another point of expandability is that the user can dock his Raine Day Pack onto the R2 with two of our simple ITW G-Hook straps.”
-Will Romes, Raine Inc. Product Development Manager

Look for Raine to unveil this pack, along with a number of other duffels, purpose built specialty packs, load out bags, new belts, navigation platforms, and new armor systems at SHOT Show coming up in January, 2013.

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer Joins Raine Inc for Special Operation Forces & Battlefield Solutions

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Raine Inc is doing some really great, innovative stuff. They’ve brought new people on board and released new designs. And now, they’ve announced the addition of Former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman”Sawyer to their team where he’ll assist with product development. Sawyer began his career as a Marine and later joined the Navy to become a SEAL serving at SEAL Team 1 and at DEVGRU. After retiring from leaving the Navy he served as a high threat mobile security contractor and in federal law enforcement. More recently he has worked with the entertainment industry as a technical advisor and military/firearms expert on popular productions such as History Channels “Top Shot” and the Military Channel’s “Deadliest Sniper”.


Raine Inc. is very proud to have such a fine warrior on its team. With new developments in our Raine Inc. fighting kit, Craig has already begun putting his stamp on various products and processes. The battlefield can be a tricky place that is ever evolving. Craig and Raine Inc. see solutions to these challenges through current and relevant experience. This serves our clients when they need it most, in action. As special operations and unconventional warfare continue to evolve, we will meet the needs of our warriors with real solutions designed by warriors, for warriors. Looking forward, Craig will be involved in all aspects of product development, design, marketing and education of Raine products. “Lighter, Faster, Stronger” is our mindset and Craig will help us continue to move in that direction.
– Will Romes, Marketing & Development Manager

Maneuver Conference – Raine Inc

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Raine Inc is expanding their product line to include tactical nylon. For example, this Modular Plate Carrier. It is a lightweight, scalable design.


The plate bags are available in Small/Medium and Large/XLarge. The cummerbund is attached in front via ITW G hooks and in the rear via T-handles which fit in between the PALS webbing making it easily replaced for size, reconfiguration or maintenance.

The plate bags are top loaders with a zippered closure and a rain flap. Height adjustment is at the rear of the bag.


Raine’s focus remains offering great gear at an affordable price. I’m quite pleased to see them evolve into new designs.

Look for the Modular Plate Carrier and other new items soon from