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MDM – Raine Inc

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


Raine Inc has introduced a combination Single Mag Pouch and Dump Pouch which places the dump pouch right below your initial reload magazine. They didn’t skimp on the construction either. The mag pouch is manufactured from printed webbing with elastic sides for retention and the Dump Pouch portion is 500D Cordura. Naturally, it’s Berry compliant.


Look for Raine Inc at the Maneuver Conference

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Those of you lucky enough to be attending this year’s Maneuver Conference at Ft Benning, GA be sure to check out Raine Inc’s new line of tactical gear in booth #420. They continue to surprise me through innovation.

Vector Chest Rig from Raine Inc

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

The Vector Chest Rig is part of Raine’s Black Line. They’ve put together a release to tell you a little more about it. I checked the large version out at SOFIC and came away impressed.

“Lighter .. Faster .. Stronger” could not be more appropriate for the new Raine Black Vector LCP. Vector LCP (Load Carry Platform) is our new “no webbing MOLLE solution”. The platforms are made using a nylon coated material and is made here in the USA. They are laser but and not laminated with Cordura nylon fabric. The biggest advancement in this material, unlike other fabrics in its category, is the pull strength we were able to achieve on a single MOLLE channel. We originally unveiled this at SHOT Show post pull testing and spent some time with some large human beings trying to rip it apart (standing on it and pulling, two arm pull, then tug of war), which they failed to do.


In the current configuration, we are running these in a large and a mini, which is what’s currently in our warehouse. They are fitted with a standard cut and sew harness with laser cut harnesses in the works. They are in the process of getting harnesses assembled and attached as we speak. That said, split front systems have been prototyped and are ready to go to the laser cutter now. Quickly following will be our armor carrying systems. We have some really great things in the works on that front and will be ready to show them very soon.

There are currently 800 being put together, 400 of each the small and large. Both the Small and Large Rigs are offered in Coyote, MultiCam, and Foliage Green.

Available July 21, 2013. To pre-order, call Regena at 1-800-826-5354 or email her at

4 New Slings – Raine Inc. BLACK

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

As part of their BLACK line of products, Raine Inc. has partnered with Savvy Sniper to produce a new line of weapon slings. The four slings are licensed from Savvy Sniper, and include the COBRA Quick Adjust Sling (QUAD Cobra QD), Ambi Quick Adjust Sling (QUAD Ambi), Heavy Weapon Quick Adjust Sling (HD QUAD SAW), and General Purpose Quick Adjust Sling (M4 Lite) models. The slings are constructed from 1″ or 2″ mil-spec tubular webbing and bungee cord, and use tri-glides and buckles from Austri Alpin, and/or tri-glides, buckles, and clash hook attachments from ITW Nexus, dependent on model. They also feature a proprietary slider handle for instant adjustment in sling length and are designed to be used with gloves during operations. All four models of slings are currently available in 499 Tan, Black, Foliage Green, and MultiCam, and are made in the USA. – BLACK Slings

SOFIC – Raine Inc

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Raine Inc introduced their new laser cut chest rig. Offered in three different sizes. Here you can see the full size model and there is also a mini that will accommodate a triple mag shingle.


Below is the split font model.


Look for availability within 3 weeks in Coyote.

Scott Mello to Join Raine Inc Team

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Rains Inc has announced that they have hired Scott Mello as the company’s new Production Manager. In his previous life, Scott was the Production/Operations Manager for Eagle Industries, where he spearheaded continuous development and improvement of the MOLLE manufacturing in Eagle’s Massachusetts and Puerto Rico production facilities, implementing the IOTV program and achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Prior to his service at Eagle, Scott spent a decade as a project manager building custom Grand Prix boats, Volvo ocean race boats, and America’s Cup yachts. Scott is also an honorably discharged United States Navy veteran.

Scott also spent several years as Plant manager at Second Chance, producing soft and hard armor, composite armor, shields and helmets for military, SWAT and law enforcement.

“We found a great asset in Scott. He is one of those guys that after 5 minutes you can tell he has his stuff wired tight. This is a really exciting time for Raine, and the addition of Scott just drives that home even more because of the knowledge and expertise he brings to the table. Raine has a lot of new and exciting things going on right now, but I think that as Scott starts to put his stamp on things, you’re going to see that many more things we can point to. We are evolving and this is the next piece; we are really excited about it.”

–Will Romes, Raine Inc Development & Marketing

Raine Inc SHOT Show Preview

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Raine Inc shared a couple of snaps of a new Micro Chest Rig that they will be unveiling at SHOT Show. It will be part of the new Black line of products and will be joined by a full-size variant at SHOT Show as well as a state of the art load carry system to follow in the coming months.

They’ve introduced laser cutting to these designs but told us that they can’t give out any details out about the material or the cuts, but that it is new and it’s not yet being used by anyone else in the industry.

I keep telling you guys, this isn’t the Raine Inc that you are used to. Visit Raine Inc at SHOT Show in Booth #20656 to learn more.

Raine Inc Unveils Black Line Logo

Thursday, December 27th, 2012


Check out the new Black line of products at