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Statement from Patrick Ma Regarding Rocket World and the IWG

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Many of you have read Patrick Ma’s statement regarding his recent spit from TAD Gear. Unfortunately, Patrick will no longer be working with another brand he created, Rocket World and the IWG. As much as TAD was tacticool, IWG was focused on the plight of endangered species. I really loved those critters. One of them, by coincidence, even shares the same name with my youngest son. It’s tough to see this happen to a great brand. Being put on hiatus in order to focus on other matters is tough enough. But separating a creator from his passion is worse still. Let it be a lesson to all of you guys out there with a small business. Be very careful who you allow into your business. Usually, its pretty great, but sometimes, it doesn’t end the way you had hoped. I for one will miss the IWG and wish Patrick well on his current project, MOTUS World.


Farewell Rocket World and the IWG.

Greetings Friends of Rocket World and the IWG,

I regret to announce that with my recent separation on May 1st, 2013 from Triple Aught Design, LLC as a result of unresolved disputes with the remaining Members Brett Eisenberg and David Cahill, I currently do not have access to, or am involved in the brand known as Rocket World, and other IPs under this brand including the IWG.

When I created Rocket World and the IWG in December of 2000, it held great personal meaning for me, and I want to sincerely thank all of you who chose to support and follow this unique and eclectic brand over the many years. This tremendous support allowed me to create the many products and stories in a world that was entertaining, satirical, and meaningful as it also conveyed an important message in support of a topic very important to me, wildlife conservation.

As some of you know Rocket World and the IWG was placed on hiatus in 2010 so I could focus on my brand Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear). I was hoping to return to it someday, especially at a time when I could share it my two young boys. As of May 1, 2013 I do not know what plans if any, Eisenberg and Cahill have with brand Rocket World and the IWG.

As the sole author and creator of Rocket World and the IWG, I am deeply saddened that I am currently unable to continue on with this IP, but again wanted to thank all of you for the many years of support of and enthusiasm for this brand. I hope all of you who have an interest in wildlife conservation can find other ways to support this important work in your own ways.

Ad Astra and Beast Regards,

-Patrick Ma

TAD’s Alter Ego

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

We are big fans of Triple Aught Designs here at Soldier Systems Daily and every once in awhile we will get an email from a reader telling us about a new discovery that TAD Gear has an alter ego called Rocket World. Yes we know, and yes it is really cool.

In addition to providing a venue for non-tactical products, Rocket World is a vehicle for the folks at TAD’s other passion; high end figures and collectible toys. Their centerpiece is the “Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo” or IWG, a group of evolved animals who seek revenge on humans who kill endangered species.

 "I  n s u r g e n t s   W i l d e r n e s s    G r u p p o " Titus

In addition to figures, the theme is also carried out in art, clothing, and patches and pins.

Rocket World has been recently featured on several gadget websites and the IWG line of toys has long been a favorite of collectors. In fact, as new projects are released they sell out very quickly.

Check out what everyone is raving about at www.rocketworld.org.